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Sonic the Hedgehog #242
StH 242 cover
Publication details
Issue 242

October 2012

Publishing company

Archie Comics

Production staff

Ian Flynn

Cover artist

Tracy Yardley and various


Terry Austin and various

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 242 is the two hundred forty-second issue of Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

“Olympic Trials”: It’s a special event issue in honor of the Summer 2012 Olympic games! Sonic and his friends are preparing for the ultimate contest of sportsmanship, but Dr. Eggman plots from the shadows to take more than the gold! All this plus an exciting bonus story featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and Team Fighters!


Olympic Trials

While Tails is hanging banners on the stands of the Olympic stadium, he realises that if Sonic doesn't arrive soon, he will miss the trials. At that point, Sonic runs onto the hurdle track, jumps a hurdle, slides under the next hurdle, jumps over the next with one hand, and skids to a stop, saying that he would never miss the Olympics. When Sonic zones out for a second, Tails asks him if he's alright, and Sonic replies that he was daydreaming about winning lots of gold rings. After correcting him, Tails walks off with him.

Meanwhile, Dr. EggmanCubot and Orbot are discussing the traps they have set for Sonic and his friends. Cubot traps the Chaotix in a steel canoe that slams shut on them. Orbot sets traps in the hammer throw event for KnucklesSilver and Big. When Knuckles swings the hammer, a cable wraps around his wrists, preventing him from letting go, so when he throws it, he flies through the air with it and gets knocked out. When Silver uses psychokinesis on his hammer, it explodes. Big's hammer releases sleeping gas, causing him to collapse. Eggman himself transports AmyRouge and Blaze to an unknown location by hiding teleporters in the hurdles. Watching these kidnappings, Marine and Cream decide to tell Sonic.

Meanwhile, Sonic, Tails and Shadow are practicing for the long jump. As Cream and Marine arrive to warn them, two worm-like robots emerge from the ground. After a short battle, Tails and Shadow are taken away, and Cream and Marine are captured by Eggman. Sonic challenges Eggman to every Olympic event for his friends' freedom, but with a lame excuse, the doctor calls Metal Sonic as his replacement. Sonic then faces Metal Sonic in every Olympic event. When competing in the hundred meter dash, Sonic is exhausted, but becomes empowered by the Olympic spirit. Sonic crosses the finish line, easily beating Metal Sonic, and jumps onto an Egg Capsule, freeing his friends. Tails then asks Sonic if he is going to skip the real Olympics after what he endured. Sonic replies by saying "Are you kidding? That was tons of fun! No way I'm waiting four years to do it again."

Unfriendly Skies

Team Fighters are flying over the ocean when a group of EggSWATs ambush them. Sonic and Amy quickly jump at them and attack them. After letting them have their fun, Tails gets T-Pup to blast all of the EggSWATs with missiles. Sonic and Amy hop back onto the wing of the Tornado and they fly off to Albion to help the echidnas there. Noticing the state Albion is in, Tails remarks that it "doesn't look good". Meanwhile, Knuckles is getting his secret base on Angel Island set up when he receives a distress call from Albion. He uses his Warp Ring to travel to Albion so he can provide assistance.


Blaze is triumphantly marching with the Olympic torch in her hand when she is distracted by a face that resembles Eggman. As a result, she trips on a log and falls into a puddle, extinguishing the flame. Blaze then frantically runs forward while repeatedly snapping her fingers, trying to get the flame going again.



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