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Sonic the Hedgehog

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 3 is the fourth and final issue in the original four-part Sonic the Hedgehog miniseries published by Archie Comics.

Cover corner boxEdit

Sonic is relaxing on a deck chair wearing shades and holding a glass with a clear drink. The artwork resembles that made for Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Featured storiesEdit

Sonic Flashback!Edit


Sonic has been chased to the edge of a cliff by a small army of Crabmeats. Sonic turns to face them not knowing that Dr Robotnik has sneaked up behind him in his Eggmobile (wrecking ball).

Robotnik uses the ball to crush part of the cliff, which sees Sonic fall to the ground and in the end knocking him out into a dream.

Part OneEdit

Sonic is seen destroying a bunch of Crabmeats with Robotnik cursing him and his Uncle Chuck which leads to both Sonic and Robotnik remembering it was he who "created" Robotnik.

The story then jumps to Uncle Chuck in his workshop, trying to create a Power Ring/Magical ring, to help Sonic in future - which he manages to do when Sonic comes bursting into his workshop complaining that Robotnik is being mean to him.

Uncle Chuck tells Sonic that he needs to get on with Robotnik as he is an orphan who visits every few weeks, but Sonic complains it is impossible as all Robotnik is interested in building mechanical toys that do what he says.

Despite the best efforts of the Uncle the two seem to be at logger heads before Sonic zooms off to practice his running, breaking Robotnik's toy soldiers as he goes.

Robotnik begins to repair the soldiers while Uncle Chuck begins to drive his tractor that due to Robotnik stripping it no longer has any breaks - something Robotnik fails to mention to Uncle Chuck.

The tractor soon becomes out of control and in the end, ends up smashing into Dr Robotnik knocking both of them out. Sonic manages to hear the screams and crash and rushes back to where he sees the both of them out cold.

Part TwoEdit

Sonic tries to wake up Uncle Chuck, but finds himself unable. He knows he must be taken to the local hospital, but Chuck doesn't have the speed to go there himself, so he grabs the magical ring that his uncle recently forged and speeds the 30 miles to the hospital. Despite being saved back at the farm, Robotnik screams at Uncle Chuck and blames him, but his toy soldier pipes up and explains it was all Robotnik's fault. In retaliation, Robotnik kicks the toy soldier to pieces. Uncle Chuck tries to get the truth out of him, but Robotnik just answers that his robots are far more important, which leads to him being confined to his room. He sulks, making Chuck feel a little sorry for him.

Sonic then asks about the rings. Uncle Chuck decides to show him how they are made, and he makes another hundred of them. Meanwhile, Robotnik is building a huge robot from all the machines in the house, and when Sonic and Uncle Chuck head to the house for some food, Robotnik orders the robot to attack. The robot grabs Uncle Chuck, while Sonic runs towards the garden hose and wraps it around the robot's legs to trip it up, much to the dismay of Robotnik, who once again shouts and screams that he will have his revenge. Sonic declares that is the last they will hear from Robotnik, but Uncle Chuck is not entirely sure.

Sonic then flashes back to the present, waking up from his dream while dodging a fireball from the Eggmobile, and a chase ensues.

Why Ask Spy?Edit

  • Writer: Michael Gallagher
  • Pencils: Dave Manak
  • Inks: Bill White
  • Colors: Lyrad Namlede
  • Letters: Bill Yoshida
  • Editor: Daryl Edelman
  • Editor-in-chief: Richard Goldwater

Part OneEdit

Princess Sally once again calls Sonic to attention and he appears in quick time (but not before making himself a Chili dog) in Boomer's workshop where both Sally and Boomer are situated.

Sally plays a trick on Sonic telling him Boomer has been turned into a robot, but before any damage can be done the two tricksters begin to laugh. Boomer then goes on to dress Sonic in the Robot disguise while Sally tells him that he is required to infiltrate Robotnik's factory network with the mission to destroy one of them.

For the plan to work though they need an outlet - and find it in Tails, who Sally runs to when Sonic, dressed in his robot disguise chases her to him. Sonic retreats, leaving Sally to claim Tails to be her hero. Sally asks Tails not to say a word, but Tails being Tails he's written and published a paper naming him the new hero. A Buzzbomber happens to be out scouting when he comes across the paper and steals one of them to show Dr Robotnik.

Much to Buzzbombers surprise Robotnik already knows as he already has Sonic working for him. The Buzzbomber then questions the Doctors intelligence but Robotnik has already thought of this and has decided to test Sonic by ordering him to tell him the location of Knothole Village.

Part TwoEdit

Thankfully for Sonic, just as he is about to be forced to comply with Robotnik's order the disturbance alarm goes off due to a problem in one of the factories. The Buzzbomber is about to assign a squadron of Buzzbombers when Sonic suggests that he should go as he could get there faster.

Sonic heads off to the Crabmeat Factory where he meets Sally and Antoine, who due to the emergency stop by Sonic is bitten by Sonic's flying mechanical jaws.

Sonic then under orders of Sally continues to the Crabmeat Factory to blow it up but when he opens the door he is shocked to find Robot Uncle Chuck working away making Crabmeats.

Sonic attempts to make Uncle Chuck come out of his Robotic state but in unable to, when Uncle Chuck reveals that Sonic's former pet Muttski - also now a robot - is here too. Muttski attacks Sonic, which makes Sonic angry. He rushes back to Robotnik as fast as he can.

Once returned, Robotnik again orders him to provide the location of Knothole Village, but this time into the computer which will launch a missile right on top of Knothole Village.

Robotnik and Buzzbomber are hopeful they can hear the explosion from their base, which they do, but unfortunately for them the explosion is a lot closer than they expected, so close they can see it. They rush outside to confirm, and see a factory on fire - a Buzzbomber factory.

Realisation hits Robotnik, but before he can scream his curse at Sonic, Sonic clamps the metallic jaws onto his backside before rushing off, while Buzzbomber mourns the loss of his brothers in the factory.


  • This issue, along with the rest of the Sonic miniseries, was reprinted in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Beginning.
  • The Buzzbomber in 'Why Ask Spy' is of above average intelligence - even questioning Robotnik's intelligence regarding Sonic. Probably the same one from Issue 0 "Don't cry for me, Mobius" and Issue 1 story 'Run, Sally, Run'
  • Uncle Chuck has been turned into a robot. This is a continuation from Issue 0
  • In this issue, Uncle Chuck has gloves but in Issue 0 "Oh No..Robo! No Mo' Mobo!", he does not have gloves.
  • Sonic's arms are miscolored on Page 10
  • Uncle Chuck's arms are miscolored on Page 23