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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 68 is the sixty-eighth issue of theSonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

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It's birthday time in Mobotropolis as The Freedom Fighters celebrate Sonic's sixteenth birthday. Sonic, Tails and Nate Morgan return to Mobotropolis in an attempt to return unnoticed. But with a new danger on the horizon, not everything is spelled with "happy." Another satellite over Mobotropolis activates, Snively takes charge, meteors rain on Sonic's parade, plus many, many more surprises. Will our heroes make it to the party on time? This one has "Surprise" written all over it. Don't miss the excitement-filled episode as we witness "The Surprise!"

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters - Part II: Survival Of The Fittest

Also, Lupe and The Wolf Pack back-up story (Part Two of Three) continues!



Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, and Nate Morgan arrive in Mobotropolis just in time for Sonic's birthday which the whole city is apparently planning for. The three decide to wear disguises so they can seem surprised later on.

Meanwhile high above Mobius, a satellite sends a meteor shower hurtling towards Mobotropolis.

Snively, the Fearsome Foursome, Drago Wolf, Sleuth Dawg and Nack the Weasel sit around the crystal bodies of Kodos and Uma Arachnis arguing plans to take over Mobotropolis. Suddenly, Kodos and Arachnis de-crystallize.

King Acorn contacts the Freedom Fighters telling them someone has returned after a long time away, apparently Sonic. After hearing this news the Freedom Fighters head to the city to see him.

A meteor shower hits the city and chaos ensues. Sonic saves Sally Acorn from a falling asteroid as the shower ends. Sonic takes the moment of peace to introduce Nate to the Freedom Fighters.

Sonic and the Freedom Fighters arrive at Castle Acorn where they learn it was not Sonic's return that King Acorn was speaking of as Sally's brother Prince Elias Acorn has finally returned after he was smuggled to Angel Island during the Great War. Nate and the king reunite and Sonic gets to celebrate his sixteenth birthday anyway.

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters: Survival Of The Fittest - Part Two

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