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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 69 is the sixty-ninth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

A Day in the Life

The vigil beside Queen Alicia's bed-side continues in peace- or so Sonic and The Freedom Fighters think. They are being stalked by a mysterious enemy what will make their presence known by the end of the issue. And wait until you find out what they want.

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters - Part Three - Weathering The Storm

Lupe and The Wolf Pack, Part Three of Three!


A Day In The Life

Princess Sally, King Max, and Prince Elias meet with Dr. Quack. He tells them that Queen Alicia's cryogenic freezing has stopped her illness from making her worse. Max tells Sally he didn't tell her about Elias so she wasn't saddened by the likely death of her brother. When Max heard rumors of Elias and Alicia being alive he sent Geoffrey St. John to see if it was true. He then announces Elias as his successor.

Sonic , Nate Morgan, Tails, Rotor, Bunnie, Antoine, Amy, and Sally go to the Juice-Bar. They are being stalked by mysterious figures whose code names are letters of the Greek alphabet. Sonic informs Antoine about his father's status. A patron is obnoxious to Nate because he is an Overlander.

Max, Elias, and Geoffrey that the escapees from Devil's Island Gulag could not have survived as a plane has crashed near the island with no survivors.

Sonic and company are attacked by the shady figures. They are revealed to be Kodos, Arachnis, Nack, Drago, Sleuth, and the Fearsome Foursome. Nate is kidnapped and Sergeant Simian throws a grenade at Sonic threatening to kill him, and many around him...

Tales Of The Freedom Fighters: Weathering The Storm - Part Three

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