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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 71 is the seventy-first issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Tales Of The Great War - In The Beginning

Tails and Amy visit the library and start to discover the history of Mobius.

Retro Activity

We've billed it as the strangest issue of Sonic you will ever read! Why? It could be because it's a completely backwards issue (and boy, do we mean it)! It has a lot to do with Knothole Village being in danger because it's three hours ahead. Just wait 'til you see what happens when Sonic tries to save it.


Tales Of The Great War - In The Beginning - Prelude

Tails and Amy Rose enter the Mobotropolis Library, where they meet Jeremiah, the grandson of a Mobian writer named Kirby. They open a book about the beginning of Mobius, where first light came down from the heavens, and then life evolved. After a matter of time, a visionary named Alexander recruited other Mobians to pool their knowledge, creating the Kingdom of Acorn. Alexander was crowned king of the city, which was named Mobotropolis.

Retro Activity


Key Events

Sonic turns from Classic (short, pudgy, short quills and black eyes just to name a few) to Modern (tall, skinny, longer quills and green eyes just to name a few).


  • Sonic's new look is based on his updated video game design for Sonic Adventure, and all other games there after. This was written into the story after SEGA demanded that all Sonic media update Sonic with this design. Sonic has kept this in the comic series ever since.
  • To correspond with the main story being told in reverse order, the entire issue had most of its contents put in backwards order. The very first page started with Sonic Grams—usually at the back of the comic—followed by the letters, fan art, and pin-up. Next came the back-up story, followed by the main story.


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