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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 80 is the eightieth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

If Wishes Were Acorns

Amy Rose uses the "Ring of Acorns" to make herself older (like her Dreamcast counterpart). Accompanying Sonic and the Freedom Fighters to the "Hidden City of the Ancients". It is a journey of discovery that will lead the heroes to the startling new world depicted in Dreamcast's Sonic Adventure game!

Land Fall

In the second story: Knuckles really has his hands full as he has to deal with the damage caused during the last issue by the wretched Robotnik and his horrid horde of Shadowbots, after having descended upon the Floating Island. It's all part of Robotnik's quest to find "Perfect Chaos" - a hibernating dragon-like monster made of living water. In order to revive it, Robotnik needs a major power source. Having his evil eyes set on the Floating Island's "Master Emerald" - he ends up destroying a portion of the Chaos Chamber and its surrounding land mass to get it!

Swallowing Trouble

Also in the issue: an introduction to Dreamcast's new star, Big The Cat!

Featured stories

If Wishes Were Acorns

After wishing on the Ring of Acorns, Amy Rose has transformed into a teenager, hoping she will be able to go to the Hidden City of the Ancients. Sonic rejects the idea that Amy goes with them, but Nate Morgan wants her to come because of the energy from the ring. Sonic and Sally say goodbye to their parents and prepare to take off. As Nate explains about the Overlanders, he states that they have five fingers just like Sonic and Tails. Sonic and Tails take off with a Super Emerald in their plane. Sally, Sonic, Amy, Tails, Antoine, Bunnie and Nate Morgan head through the mountainside and arrive at the Hidden City of the Ancients.

Land Fall

Knuckles meets up with Locke and Archimedes to find a solution to restore the Floating Island. Thunderhawk sees that there are only two solutions, 1) to restore the Floating Island or 2) to gather the pieces of the Master Emerald from the Mysterious Cat Country. Knuckles guides off the Floating Island to explore the Cat Country and stop Dr. Robotnik. Meanwhile; Julie-Su, Vector and Mighty explore the hole towards the Chaos chamber, but soon get captured by the Cat Country's people along with Espio.

Swallowing Trouble

  • Writer & Inks: Ken Penders
  • Pencils: Jim Valentino
  • Colors: Frank Gagliardo
  • Letters: Vickie Williams
  • Editor: J. F. Gabrie

In the Mysterious Cat Country, Big and Froggy are sleeping until an unexpected voice wakes up Froggy. Froggy goes off to investigate and finds a bit of Chaos in its liquid form. As Big wakes up, Froggy swallows the liquid and grows a tail. E-102 Gamma captures Froggy and proves too much of a match for Big. Gamma escapes with Froggy captive and Big journeys to save him.

Off Panel

See also: Off Panel

Off Panel

Robotnik finally finds his way into the Off Panel universe, much to the annoyance of Sonic. It is up to J. F. Gabrie to teach him who is in charge.



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