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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 84 is the eighty-fourth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Perfect Chaos

As Super Sonic battles Perfect Chaos, Knuckles and the Freedom Fighters do whatever they can to save those in danger from the raging waters. With Super Sonic weakening, the heroes' only hope is to get the generator - which is underwater and buried under tons of rubble. Can they reverse the damage and save Super Sonic, or is everyone doomed? Even if they reach the generation, are they prepared for any ramifications their actions might cause?

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Knuckles returns to angel island to restore the master emerald and settle things with the cats.


Perfect Chaos

Locke wants to negotiate with the Cat Queen to free Julie-Su, Vector, Espio and Mighty and to talk about the war between their clans. The Queen refuses until Locke defeats her champion, Razorklaw. After Locke defeats him, Locke forces the Cat Queen to negotiate.

Back in Station Square, Super Sonic and Perfect Chaos are fighting each other. Antoine is hurt in the background of the brawl and is saved by Knuckles. Knuckles takes the advice of Tikal and glides out to the city's power supply. Locke and the Cat Queen discuss their clans' pasts but Locke discovers something shocking. Knuckles arrives at the city's power supply but it's floated, so Knuckles is forced to dive down to the power supply. Super Sonic leads Perfect Chaos to the power station, and Sally hands Sonic a copper pipe to attach both power lines at the power station. Super Sonic and Perfect Chaos fight near the power lines, Sonic creates a field to protect him from any electricity. Knuckles uses all of his strength to activate the power station. Perfect Chaos is hit as Super Sonic flies away from the blast and Chaos returns to normal surrounded by the Chao. Sonic pulls Knuckles from the water and onto a rooftop. Tikal thanks everyone for their help and teleports Chaos, the Chao and herself back to the Master Emerald. Knuckles takes the shards of the Master Emerald back to the Floating Island in hopes of restoring it.

Bridge over troubled waters

Knuckles arrives back onto the Floating Island and is greeted by Sojourner and Thunderhawk. Knuckles and the guardians head to the Master Emerald shrine and manage to raise the Floating Island back up in the sky. Knuckles journeys with Thunderhawk to find the Chaotix in Cat country. Julie-Su, Vector, Espio and Mighty happy to find Knuckles alive and Locke and the Cat Queen show Knuckles a statue of Pachacamac taking over the cat people. Locke apoligises to the Cat Queen about what the echidnas did and Knuckles, Locke, Thunderhawk and the Chaotix return to the Floating Island.


  • This issue is based on the events of Sonic Adventure.
  • For some reason, Tikal is called Tical in this issue.
  • Both Issues #83 and #84 can be put together to make a complete cover art
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