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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 85 is the eighty-fifth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

The Big Payback

Robotnik is upset by Sonic's victory over "Perfect Chaos," so he sics Silver Sonic II on the blue blur - right as the Freedom prepare to depart the Hidden City. Joining the battle, Sonic's friends find trying to beat Silver Sonic II in hand-to-hand combat is impossible - only Sonic can withstand Silver Sonic II's blows. The battle is furious, with repercussions sure to impact the future of the Freedom Fighters. What lies in store for our fearless heroes, and is there a way to defeat the juggernaut that is Silver Sonic II?

Home & Back

A Rotor solo explaining his adventures away from the Freedom Fighters.


The Big Payback

As Sonic, Big, Amy, Sally, Antoine, Bunnie, Tails and Nate Morgan are leaving Station Square after defeating Chaos, Dr. Robotnik sends Silver Sonic 2 to attack them. Silver Sonic 2 sends a missile at Sonic which he leads to a revolving door. The rest of the Freedom Fighters try to attack him, but only Sonic can put up a match with him. Sonic and Silver Sonic 2 are in an abandoned building, and Silver Sonic 2 destroys it leaving Sonic in the rubble. Sonic digs underground and grabs onto the flying Silver Sonic 2, and Tails grabs Sonic but Tails is knocked out after placing Sonic on top of a building. In anger, Sonic uses a spin attack on Silver Sonic 2 which knocks Silver Sonic 2's head off.

After the defeat of Silver Sonic 2, Sonic, Nate Morgan and the Freedom Fighters travel back to Knothole, while Big and Froggy return to Cat Country. Heading back to Knothole, the Freedom Fighters ship is sabotaged and crashes. Sonic and Tails knowing that someone was behind it begin the search.

Dr. Robotnik uses Silver Sonic 2's signal to travel to Station Square and enslave it, but is stopped by Silver Sonic 2 who is now programmed by Nate Morgan to protect Station Square.

Home and Back

Rotor searching for his family is attacked by Dr. Robotnik's robots, but is rescued by the Arctic Freedom Fighters.


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