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Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 88 is the eighty-eighth issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics.

Official solicitation

Family Matters

Sonic, Princess Sally and the gang return to Knothole to find the kingdom in complete and utter turmoil. Prince Elias has been captured by Shadow-Bots who intend to roboticize him and Queen Alicia undergoes a surgical operation to determine her fate one and for all, while King Max insists on storming Doctor Robotnik's HQ with his troops in order to save his son. As if all that wasn't bad enough, Sonic must also confront his Uncle Chuck, who is under Robotnik's control!

The Road to Albion Part One

Knuckles finds himself drifting alone amid the raging waters after an energy wave sets off a massive explosion in Haven. Surrounded by nothingness, the ghostly image of his ancestor Athair appears to guide him on a journey to Albion, a journey not only of discovery but possible redemption and restorations...


Arriving back in the Kingdom of Knothole Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Sally Acorn, Tails, Antoine D'Coolette, Bunnie Rabbot and Nate Morgan are happy to have returned. However, on their arrival into the Kingdom, King Maximillian Acorn prepares to lead his army to storm Doctor Eggman's fortress. King Max tells Sally about Alicia Acorn's fatal condition, and that Elias Acorn traveled to Robotropolis, in hope to save her. Elias succeeded in getting a vial for his mother, but was chased by Shadow-Bots through the Great Forest. Elias gave the package to Mina Mongoose, before he was captured, and the doctors now prepared for Alicia's surgery. Sally, yelling at her father, storms away as Sonic is asked by Geoffrey St. John that he and the Secret Service "could really use your help on this mission". In Robotropolis, Elias is in his cell preparing to be roboticized by Uncle Chuck and Muttski. In the Knothole Kingdom, King Max declares to have Antoine removed from "active duty" due to his injuries. Bunnie sits out too with Antoine. Sonic is reunited with is parents, Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog, before heading on the mission with Tails and Geoffrey. Before their departure, Amy tells them that Sally wants to see them "not exactly a request, more along the lines of an order". Sally watches the doctor's operating on Alicia as Sonic and Geoffrey enter. Sally entrusts Sonic with her father's life and tells Geoffrey that Elias should be his top priority.

King Max and his army invade Robotropolis before Dr. Robotnik's return. Tails launches Bomb into the side of Robotnik's HQ, enabling them to proceed inwards. Sonic pushes King Max out of the way of a Shadow-Bot blast and gets him to sit out as Wombat Stu, Hershey Cat, Geoffrey, Heavy, Bomb and Tails take care of the robots. Uncle Chuck discovers the security breach and orders two Shadow-Bots to take Elias to the Roboticizer. Sonic thinks that he and King Max should try to find Elias, but King Max is wondering why Sonic "won't let him partake in the battle". After the defeat of the Shadow-Bots, a holographic projection of Uncle Chuck appears from above. Uncle Chuck shows them that it's too late with Elias in the Roboticizer. Sonic, leaving King Max, runs to save Elias.

In Knothole, Antoine and Bunnie ask Sally if they can take a leave of absence to head to the Kingdom of Mercia. In hope to confront the High Sheriff; Amy asks also if she can go, seeing as she was born in Mercia and her cousin Rob O' the Hedge lives there. Sally, not understanding their intentions, accepts their offer and sets them on their journey. As Sally watches her friends leave, she cries into Rosie's arms.

Sonic makes it in time to save Elias, but is attacked by Muttski. Geoffrey and the Secret Service confront Uncle Chuck, but are surrounded by Shadow-Bots. King Max enters and slashes one of the Shadow-Bots. He then orders the Secret Service to save Elias. Max stops Uncle Chuck and Muttski from escaping, but suddenly they regain their free will.

Before the process could be completed, a Shadow-Bot activates the control panel, causing Uncle Chuck and Muttski to escape behind a wall. Sonic reluctantly bangs on the metal wall, screaming that "they were back!" As Sonic wasn't looking, a Shadow-Bot punches King Max's head from behind. Still angered that Uncle Chuck and Muttski were back, Sonic takes out his fury on the Shadow-Bots, destroying them all. Geoffrey and Wombat Stu stop Sonic and tell him they must "get the King medical attention". Sonic still mumbling to himself that Uncle Chuck and Muttski were back.

In Knothole, Dr. Quack leaves the operating room about to give Sally and Rosie the news, but Sonic appears from behind with King Max unconscious in his arms.

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