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The Argus Event

The Argus Event (アーガスじけん Āgasu jiken?, lit. "Argus Incident") is the name given to the strange occurrence that brought the Nocturnus Clan into the Twilight Cage.


When Nocturne and the echidnas of the Nocturnus Clan were taken into the Twilight Cage, they all heard a voice in their heads saying something like "Argus". Imperator Ix came to calling this event the Argus Event.

Nestor the Wise theorized, based on information from the Precursor Tablets, that Argus may have been the entity responsible for bringing not only the Nocturnus Clan to the Twilight Cage, but also the other resident groups: the Voxai, the Kron, the Zoah and the N'rrgal.

In other media

Archie Comics

Main article: Argus Event (Archie)

In the Archie Comics, the Argus Event is very similar to that presented in the games, but instead refers to all those who had been trapped in Twilight Cage and not just the Nocturnus Clan.

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