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This article is about the event that has happened in the Archie Comics. For the event in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, see Argus Event.

The Argus Event is a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon that has occurred five times to five separate races: the Echidna of the Nocturnus Clan and four alien races: the Zoah, the Kron, the Voxai, and the N'rrgal.


In each instance, the species was at its prime, prepared to violently conquer their respective homeworlds. However before they could declare any conflict, they were wrenched from their homes and transferred to the Twilight Cage pocket dimension. The name "Argus Event" came about because each race heard the name "Argus" in their minds after their transportation.

The Argus Event has occurred with all species that have been transported to the Twilight Cage with the exception of the Dark Legion. This group was instead banished there by the Guardian Steppenwolf.


  • It is possible that the nature of the Argus Event is such that it made escape for those it brought to the Twilight Cage more difficult than other means. Evidence of this is found in the fact that the Dark Legion was able to escape the Cage on several occasions and even made a final escape after the Ultimate Annihilator fired, whereas the other races, which were all brought there by the Argus Event, remained trapped. Additionally, the parties trapped in the Cage by the Argus Event have not aged physically since their imprisonment, while the members of the Dark Legion did, albeit at one fourth the rate that time passed on Mobius.