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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Arlo the Armadillo

Arlo is a Mobian armadillo and was a member of the Substitute Freedom Fighters. He is quite shy. He has a green shell, blue eyes and yellow stomach and wears an ammo belt.


While in the Substitute Freedom Fighters, Arlo was personally trained by Sally Acorn and voiced his confidence in the princess' abilities during his training. During the mission to attack one of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's energy plants, Arlo's hand glider was struck by an anti-aircraft turret and he crashed. While Penelope Platypus remained by his side, the rest of the team, with help from Geoffrey St. John, proceeded with the mission and destroyed the base. While the team was away, Arlo and Penelope were discovered by Royal Underground agents Fleming and Smiley, who moved them to safety and provided Arlo with medical treatment. Arlo and Penelope rejoined the group of trainees during their attack against another of Robotnik's bases, which saw the destruction of the Sally Auto Automaton. (PSM: #1, #2, #3)

Some time later, Arlo helped to defeat Sonic when he had lost his memories and was convinced by Dr. Ivo Robotnik to attack the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Attacking Sonic by himself, the blue hedgehog said "I'll say this for you kid - you have more courage than sense!" before tossing Arlo into Penelope. The distracted Sonic was then knocked out by Dylan and awoke later with his memories returned. (StH: #28)

Later, Arlo helped rescue the Knothole Freedom Fighters from Robotropolis after the group was captured by Combots. (StH: #38)


  • Arlo's name could be a reference to folk singer Arlo Guthrie, just as his teammate Dylan's name is a reference to Bob Dylan.

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