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Arnem Abacus from Sonic the Comic #78. Art by Richard Elson.

Arnem Abacus is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. A short, anthropomorphic mole, he is a villain, and a "sidekick" of Plasma. He wears orange overalls and a toolkit. He controls Plasma (who is not a person, but a focused energy field) by means of a small remote. He appears to be quite meek, and during fights he tries to divert attention away from himself and towards his indestructible "companion".


Doctor Robotnik put Arnem Abacus and Plasma in charge of a district of Metropolis City. When the Freedom Fighters attempted to spring several prisoners from a jail in their area, Abacus and Plasma attempted to stop them. Abacus seemed particularly keen to get the two million reward money for capturing Sonic the Hedgehog.

Although Sonic was unable to defeat Plasma, they were nevertheless beaten when Amy Rose bashed Abacus on the head and smashed his remote, dissipating Plasma's energy field and apparently destroying him. Abacus was seen afterwards, kneeling over the fragments of his device.[1]

Arnem Abacus and Plasma later reappeared when Robotnik, having obtained godlike reality-warping powers, resurrected several of Sonic's old villains. On seeing Plasma, Sonic remarked that Robotnik was "really scraping the bottom of the barrel now!" When Sonic failed to acknowledge Abacus as well, Abacus re-introduced himself. The subsequent battle against the army of villains was brought to an end when Sonic forced Commander Brutus into Plasma, the collision disrupting Plasma's electronics and starting a chain reaction that destroyed the other villains.[2]



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