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Artificial Chaos
Artificial Chaos in Sonic Adventure 2.
First appearance

Sonic Adventure 2

Biographical overview

Professor Gerald Robotnik


Space Colony ARK

Physical description

Synthetic life-form.

Color scheme

Cyan, white, red, yellow, violet.


Light green.

Alignment and character traits


Artificial Chaos (人工カオス Jinkou Kaosu?) are robotic enemies that appear in Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog.

The latter explains that the renowned scientist, Professor Gerald Robotnik, had built them as experiments, and based them on "a god of an ancient culture", although he cannot have had access to Chaos itself when he created them. After being created, the experiments went out of control and started attacking anyone in sight.

Game Appearance

Sonic Adventure 2

Artificial Chaos makes its first appearance in Sonic Adventure 2 as one of the main enemies at Crazy Gadget, Final Rush, Eternal Engine, Meteor Herd, Final Chase, Cosmic Wall and Mad Space, as all levels take place on inside or outside of Space Colony ARK. There are two different variants of these enemies Artificial Chaos P-1 and Artificial Chaos P-100. Artificial Chaos P-1 also has three sub-types of which have different attack patterns. P-1 appear in Tails and Eggman sections of Cannon's Core while P-100 also appear in Sonic's section of same level.

In the game, as the experiments were subdued at Space Colony ARK 50 years ago, Artificial Chaos are left to the colony as still being active. It seems they were perfected as they appeared in Sonic Adventure 2, where they protected the Space Colony ARK against intruders.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow facing an artificial Chaos in Shadow the Hedgehog.

Artificial Chaos reappear in Shadow the Hedgehog which has heavy connection to Sonic Adventure 2, story wise. Only P-1 types of Artificial Chaos appear in the game. Shadow himself appears to have a flashback to his time on the ARK, during the time when the Artificial Chaos went out of control. In the flashback stage, the player can choose to find and destroy them all, or simply stay away to make sure the professor is safe.

At the stage The ARK in Shadow the Hedgehog, Black Doom states that "they are ours now", suggesting that the Black Arms somehow took control of all Artificial Chaos. They also appear in the Cosmic Fall level, attacking G.U.N. robots. They are the only enemies that can't be destroyed by the Shadow Rifle with one hit. However, they can be destroyed with one hit using bomb-type weapons.


Physical Appearance

The Artificial Chaos are generally large pillars or floating orbs of water, with a mechanical head shaped like Chaos 0's towering on top. They exist in two different versions; P-1 and P-100. P-1s fight by stabbing their enemies with quick, extremely accurate tentacles of water, or by firing lasers from their green eyes. P-100 Artificial Chaos can split their liquid bodies into dozens of small blue drones (known as Cells) that are controlled by the floating robotic head, but are not armed with lasers.


These drones constantly edge their way toward the player and explode on contact. If the player attacks them, they do explode (also causing the Cells around them to explode) but they do not hurt the player. After releasing its Cells, the Artificial Chaos head simply floats, defenseless, in midair until it is destroyed. Some Artificial Chaos seem to lack any intelligence or aiming abilities at all, and simply spin around, shooting lasers in random directions.


  • In the original Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2, their liquid bodies had a transparent effect. In Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, the transparency effect was removed, making them appear to have a more "solid" appearance. The Artificial Chaos experiments in Shadow the Hedgehog are more similar to their Dreamcast counterparts.
  • In Sonic Adventure 2, Artificial Chaos have a very good accuracy. A tip to avoid being hit is to be behind them.
  • According to Gerald's statement in Shadow the Hedgehog, on Expert Mode in Lost Impact, the reason the Artificial Chaos became hostile was because Gerald Robotnik accidentally reversed the positive and negative electrode connectors within them. This created a problem in their programming and resulted in their hostility.
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