This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

A regular SWATbot.

Assault Bots are Doctor Robotnik's foot soldiers, which he uses to oppress the remaining population of Mobius and battle against the Freedom Fighters.

Main Assault Bots

Robotnik may use the regular Mobians - roboticized and stripped of their free will as his worker drones, but whether patrolling the dark empty streets of Robotropolis or covertly operating the attacks in Geographic regions such as The Great Forest and the country of Downunda but special forces known as "Assault Bots" usually perform various duties around Mobius.

  • SWATbots - Usually found in the employ of Doctor Robotnik, SWATbots are most likely found patrolling the streets of Robotropolis. Programmed with the "Priority One" code, when Sonic the Hedgehog is sensed in the area they will go on a red alert and attack at all costs. The weakest of the four special forces, SWATbots are easily taken out by Sonic most of the time, but they still maintain and serve a good purpose to the Doctor when necessary.
  • Combots - SWATbot upgrades that resulted in a new form of bot altogether - Combots. The ultimate "army" bot, Combots are used in reconnaissance missions by Robotnik, but are under the constant employ of Crocbot - Robotnik's Downunda Sub Boss. Empowered with the ability to camouflage themselves ala Espio the Chameleon, they literally can render themselves "invisible" and blend in with the background. Located in their hands they contain an energy lash which they can use to electrocute their victims, and also possess a large amount of guns and such in their arsenal.
  • Eggbots - Hatching from large cybernetic eggs and flying overhead in the skies are Eggbots. Shaped round like Dr. Eggman, these bots whimsical appearance often distracts from the fact that they are often the most vicious and hardest to destroy Attacking in multiple groups and equipped with high fire laser blasters, Eggbots are usually under the employ of Snively Robotnik - Robotnik's assistant - though Robotnik has been known to use them himself at times.
  • The Dynamac 3000 - The Dynamac is the ultimate assault bot, and can adapt to any given situation, manipulate itself to take control, and turn itself into the most formidable opponent in the group. Dynamacs are extremely powerful and have great defense, the only possible way to stop one is by a massive surge of electricity. Can anticipate moves and action from its opponent.