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This page explains how to obtain every Red Star Ring in Asteroid Coaster.


Act 1

  1. After the first checkpoint, you will use frenzy to smash through blue test tubes. When you get to the end of the path, instead of jumping on the springs in front of you, smash the tubes in the right corner to reveal another spring. Follow the path there and boost through the slope ahead to run upwards high enough to grab the red medal above.
  2. Right before the second checkpoint, you will ride a coaster, then use air vents to go up. Use all the air vents to go to the very top of the area where you will find the second checkpoint (there is another one at the bottom, but you need to be on the top path). Follow the path from there and double jump across the gaps until you reach some dash panels. Boost as you run over it to reach a red medal ahead.
  3. After the second medal, you will fly up in the air where you must hit asteroids. After hitting the first one, wait before hitting the next one so you can target a different one on the right. This will take you to another path around a meteor. Run along it to collect the third medal.
  4. After the third checkpoint, you will come to a room where the gravity is reversed. You should spot the red medal on the right near the ceiling. Jump on the platform left of it and wait for it to be almost at the top of the screen, then jump right to grab the medal before you fall down.
  5. At the very end of the level, when you get to the end ring, don't go through it, instead run down the meteor to fall on a walkway around it. Grab a purple capsule and use frenzy to crush the crates on the right and reveal a spring. Hit it, then home-attack the pulley in the air to go down a zipline. Hit the next zipline to collect the last red medal.

Act 2

  1. A bit after the start, after the first part where you jump on platforms with blue/red blocks coming out of the wall to crush you, you should spot a yellow platform under another platform. Jump to that one and target the spring to the right so you bounce into more springs and collect the first red medal.
  2. Shortly after the first medal, you will go up some disappearing yellow platforms, then hit a dash panel. Right after that, drop down in the gap ahead to spot a red medal at the bottom. Stand on the yellow platforms to go down and grab the medal, then quickly climb back up.
  3. After the second checkpoint, you will fly across some meteors and hit meteorites until you reach a path where you must use frenzy power to smash through test tubes. At the end of this path, hit the spring to go up and grab the red medal right above in the air.
  4. After the third checkpoint, you will come to a room where the gravity is reversed. Go right to a platform that goes down, then you'll need to go down and wait for the blue/red blocks to retreat into the wall. Instead of going right (the normal path), go left to find some yellow platforms. Climb up to find a medal.
  5. After the fourth checkpoint (after medal 4), hit the spring to go down, then go right and jump on the two red blocks coming out of the wall. Then double jump to the right to collect the last medal.

Act 3

  1. The first red medal you will be able to get is while you are on the bouncing pad, simply stomp it to jump higher and grab the medal above the red/blue block.
  2. When you get to the end of the path with the bouncing pad, get the pink capsule and use spike power to follow the ceiling into an alcove with robots, a 1UP and a red medal.
  3. Once you have spike power, quickly return to the entrance to get the first red medal you probably saw when the level started, over some spikes in the path going down.
  4. Also after getting spike power, return to the end ring where you can see blue blocks and get the blue capsule (or get it first before the pink one so you will keep it when the power runs out). Use cube power to crush the blocks in the left corner and reveal a red medal.
  5. After you have crushed the blue blocks with cube, grab another pink capsule in this same area and use spike power to cling to the ceiling above the end ring. Go behind it on the left to find a red medal. (or go all the way back to the entrance with spikes and go around to find yourself behind the end ring)

Act 4

Nothing to say here really, the red medals are all on the way as you move left and right.

Act 5

  1. Follow the path from the start until you get a cyan capsule. Once you have it, go back left to where you probably spotted a red medal earlier. Stand on top of the black crates and use laser to aim on the wall above so you bounce back onto the platform where the red medal is.
  2. Get the purple capsule below the first red medal and go right. Drop down on the bottom floor and use frenzy to eat up the blocks in the left corner and reveal a red medal.
  3. After going up to the first checkpoint by using laser power, get the other cyan capsule here and aim through the passageway going up into the ceiling to collect a red medal at the top.
  4. After the first checkpoint, instead of going down, go right and place the beam so you can jump and follow the path at the top of the area. In the corner at the right of the second beam is a red medal.
  5. After the fourth medal, go down and grab the cyan capsule. Then go right and stand next to the black crates with a robot on top. Aim the laser diagonally to the top-right corner to collect a medal.

Act 6

  1. When you are on the coaster at the beginning, you will get to a part with meteorites. As soon as you hit the first one, quickly hold left on the control stick to target a different meteorite on the left (instead of targetting the one you usually would). It will lead you to a different coaster. While riding this one, jump through the rainbow rings when it goes down to collect the first red medal.
  2. After the first checkpoint, you will come to a room full of water. In the top-right corner you should spot the red medal. Simply swim to it and go up to grab it.
  3. After the second medal, you will go through some more water and come across purple capsules. After the second one, go into the water tunnel ahead and use frenzy. Crush the metal crates near the end to find a red medal. Then you'll fall down to the second checkpoint.
  4. After the second checkpoint, grab a purple capsule and make it to the end of the path. Keep the capsule for now. At the end, there are four test tubes in the middle with snake enemies in front and a red medal stuck between. Use frenzy and break the tubes to get the medal.
  5. Shortly after the fourth medal, you will jump through some springs, then cross the top path using frenzy, and then fall down. While you are falling down, stick to the left to collect the last medal.

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