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Sonic the Hedgehog (Shogaku Ninensei)
At Last, We Learn the Truth About Sonic!!

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Boxing can&#039;t get any colorful than this

The first page of the manga strip with English translation.

At Last, We Learn the Truth About Sonic!! is the second manga strip featured in Shogaku Ninensei's Sonic the Hedgehog manga series. The story has been written and illustrated by Sango Morimoto and released on May issue of Shogaku Ninensei in 3 May, 1992.


Continuing from the first story, Sonic and Anton Beruka are about to begin a boxing match for settling their differences with large crowd cheering up around the boxing ring. Anton strikes Sonic, who gets hit by Anton's special gloves with hidden spikes. Sonic dodges Anton's next punch that leads up his spiked boxing glove getting stuck into the corner post. Sonic then uses his quills to give sting to Anton's back. Despite Anton's bragging, Sonic lands a hard uppercut, that sends Anton flying and leaves him hanging on a tree branch, earning Sonic the match.

In Nikki's home, Anita is telling about the boxing match for Nikki, who is angry about missing it out. Paulie enters in and ask about Nikki's matters. When Nikki asks him about Sonic, he reveals his story about meeting Sonic twenty years ago. Back then, Paulie was test pilot of a jet plane and was about to exceed the maximum speed limit, when suddenly disruption in the atmospheric circulation occured. As Paulie was about to lose hope, Sonic appeared and guided him to regain control of the jet plane. After landing safety, Sonic told Paul they would meet again in the future and disappeared to the air. Back in the present, Paulie thinks that Sonic is a divine protector, and since then, he has always been wearing a jacket with Sonic's emblem on its back. After that, Paulie keeps telling that back then, it was the first time that he and Brenda met as he landed closely next to Brenda's house, and soon after they got married.

While Paulie ends the story, someone has been listening them from a small rat-type radar robot. It turns out to be Doctor Eggman on his shuttle, as he thinks that Nikki and Sonic share a connection between each other.



  • Multi-colored birds flying above the boxing ring in the first page resemble closely Flickes.
  • Eimi is only seen in the first page of the manga strip. The first page also features early appearances of Little John and Mad along with other lizard boy on the crowd.
  • Nikki's fur color has changed to blue, as in the first manga strip only, he is seen having brown fur color for brief moment. Nikki's blue fur color has remain for further stories.
  • The idea of Paulie dressing a jacket with Sonic emblem on it back, has originated from the orgin story featured in Sonic the Hedgehog Technical Files, where jet pilot Mary Garnet has leather flight jacket with a blue cartoon mascot. Similar, alternate story about this is also featured in Sonic the Hedgehog Story Comic Volume 3 as text story called "Story Gaiden", which tells of a fictional real-world origin for Sonic.
  • Strangely Dr. Eggman's mustaches are colored white, while in the next manga strip they are normally seen colored brown.