The second Atomic Destroyer Zone boss is the sub-boss, coming right after the previous boss fight that appears in Atomic Destroyer Zone Act 3 in Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble. The mech has two strategies and it takes 33 hits at total to destroy it. It was created and piloted by Dr. Robotnik.


After destroying the previous mech, the player will immediately move on to face the next stage of the battle with Dr. Robotnik. However, Robotnik proceeds to bring out a significantly more dangerous creation- a flying vehicle with a powerful Flamethrower attachment on the bottom of the hull. It hovers in the air and follows the player, charging up and periodically sweeping the floor with the Flamethrower. It is easy to see when it is going to strike, due to the flames emitting out of the bottom of the attachment. The attachment is relatively easy to strike with a jump, but the player must watch out for when the Flamethrower is fully charged. After sixteen hits, Robotnik drops the Flamethrower attachment to the ground- this explodes upon impact, and can cause damage.

Despite being disarmed, the mech is still a threat at this point- due to the broken, sparking conduits left behind that can launch a series of electric and energy-ball attacks. The vehicle's movement becomes much more erratic, and thus the player must time their jumps in order to hit it whilst avoiding the discharges of electricity . When the player hits the vehicle seventeen more times (or once if struck when the conduits are not sparking), the vehicle starts exploding and Robotnik retreats to the core chamber of Atomic Destroyer Zone, where the final battle against him takes place.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Sonic - Triple Trouble - Dr. Robotnik Yayoi F 2:21
Sonic - Triple Trouble - Dr Robotnik