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In the Sonic Riders series, the rider can use various attacks. This system enables him/her to attack opponents using a character's special move by boosting or finding an attack Item Box. During the attack mode the rider uses an attacking tool or runs on his/her foot. In both cases, when he/she reaches other characters, they get hit, causing them to lose rings and suffer from other effects.

Sonic Riders

In Sonic Riders, a character can attack others for a few seconds when he/she uses Air Boost. While the character is in attack mode, the player simply has to approach the side of an opponent to initiate an attack on the opponent in question. The effect of attack depends on the level of character, which can be raised by collecting Rings; collecting a total of thirty Rings will rise the character's level to Level 2 and collecting a total of sixty Ring the character will rise the character's level to Level 3. Usually, attacks cause opponents to become slow, lose Air and Rings, while attacks on a higher level will paralyze the opponents for a short time.

Character Level 1 Attack Level 2 Attack Level 3 Attack
Sonic Sonic Riders - Sonic - Level 1
"Here I Come!"
Sonic Riders - Sonic - Level 2
Spin Dash
Sonic Riders - Sonic - Level 3
Stronger Spin Dash
Tails Sonic Riders - Tails - Level 1
Electric Plug
Sonic Riders - Tails - Level 2
Swinging Electric Plug
Sonic Riders - Tails - Level 3
Stronger Electric Plug
Knuckles Sonic Riders - Knuckles - Level 1
Beast Roar
Sonic Riders - Knuckles - Level 2
Sonic Riders - Knuckles - Level 3
Fist Screw
Amy Rose Sonic Riders - Amy - Level 1
"Out of My Way!"
Sonic Riders - Amy - Level 2
Piko Piko Hammer
Sonic Riders - Amy - Level 3
Stronger Piko Piko Hammer
Jet Sonic Riders - Jet - Level 1
Sonic Riders - Jet - Level 2
Sonic Riders - Jet - Level 3
Double Bashōsen
Wave Sonic Riders - Wave - Level 1
Sonic Riders - Wave - Level 2
Sonic Riders - Wave - Level 3
Storm Sonic Riders - Storm - Level 1
Wind Clap
Sonic Riders - Storm - Level 2
Tornado Clap
Sonic Riders - Storm - Level 3
Hammer Slam
Dr. Eggman Sonic Riders - Dr. Eggman - Level 1
Loud Party Staff
Sonic Riders - Dr. Eggman - Level 2
Glove Punch
Sonic Riders - Dr. Eggman - Level 3
Cream Sonic Riders - Cream - Level 1
Sad Face
Sonic Riders - Cream - Level 2
Chao Attack
Sonic Riders - Cream - Level 3
Stronger Chao Attack
Rouge Sonic Riders - Rouge - Level 1
Heart Attack
Sonic Riders - Rouge - Level 2
Sonic Riders - Rouge - Level 3
Bat Cracker
Shadow Sonic Riders - Shadow - Level 1
Chaos Energy Ball
Sonic Riders - Shadow - Level 2
Inverted Roundhouse Kick
Sonic Riders - Shadow - Level 3
Chaos Control Sphere
Ulala Sonic Riders - Ulala - Level 1
Sonic Riders - Ulala - Level 2
Hip Attack
Sonic Riders - Ulala - Level 3
Stronger Gun
Nights Sonic Riders - NiGHTS - Level 1
Angry Face
Sonic Riders - NiGHTS - Level 2
Star Kick
Sonic Riders - NiGHTS - Level 3
Drill Dash
AiAi Sonic Riders - AiAi - Level 1
Sonic Riders - AiAi - Level 2
Monkey Ball
Sonic Riders - AiAi - Level 3
Barrel Roll
E-10000G Sonic Riders - E-10000G - Level 1
Blinding Light Bulb
Sonic Riders - E-10000G - Level 2
Spinning Kick
Sonic Riders - E-10000G - Level 3
Guru Guru Punch
E-10000R Sonic Riders - E-10000R - Level 1
Head Split
Sonic Riders - E-10000R - Level 2
Double Arm Spin
Sonic Riders - E-10000R - Level 3
Head Bash

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Item Boxes with Attack grant the racers the ability to attack opponents for a short time. During this "attack mode", characters can use Springs, smash through barricaded routes (though the character cannot earn Gravity Points by doing this) and access other special shortcuts. Each character has only one special attack which is different from other characters and can have varying effects. While in effect, the character's icon on the mini-map will flash red pulses. Should an opponent be in Attack Mode and is behind the player's position, the player will hear a siren emitting as a warning.

The Mag's Gear Part "Attack Time UP" extends the duration of Attack, while the Big Bang automatically grants its rider an Attack power-up once enough Gravity Points (GP) has been accumulated.

Character Attack Quote
Sonic attack
Spin Dash
"Here we go!"
Tails attack
Electric Plug Swing
Knux attack (2)
Knuckles Punch
Amy Rose
Amy attack
Piko Piko Hammer
Jet attack
"I'll show you!"
Storm attack
Hand Slap
"See ya!"
Wave attack
Power Wrench
"Sorry, losers!"
Dr. Eggman
Eggman attack
Party Staff
"Out of my way!"
Cream attack
Chao Barrier Attack
Rouge attack
Bat Cracker
"Here I come!"
Shadow attack
Chaos Control
Silver attack
"Let's go!"
Blaze attack
"Power of flames!"
Nights attack
Drill Dash
Amigo attack
Maraca Madness
Billy Hatcher
Billy Hatcher attack
Giant Egg
Scr-hd attack
Electric Boost
Scr-GP attack
Electric Boost

Sonic Free Riders

In Sonic Free Riders, characters can attack opponents by picking up several special weapons. These weapons are found on the track. Using a throwing, shaking, or swinging motion causes the character to launch the special attack that corresponds to the special weapon that has been picked up. Like in the previous two installments, each character has his own, special attack, which, however, can only be activated by picking up the Special item. There are different attacks available:

Attack Effect of attack Image
Octo-Ink Distorts an opponent's vision when struck. Octo ink
Soda Rocket Provides a burst of speed. Soda rocket
Bowling Strike Strikes anyone in its way. Bowling stricke
Target Torpedo Locks onto and strikes an opponent. Target torpado
Tee Shot Stuns racer in 1st place temporarily. Tee shot
Free Throw Stuns racer in 1st Place temporarily. Takes the place of Tee Shot when using a Bike.
Special Character uses his or her special attack when using the Kick Dash. S attack

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