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Audrey Wong was a member of the editorial staff at Sonic the Comic.

Her first credited appearance was in Sonic the Comic #28 (June 1994), in which she was given "Special Thanks". She continued to received the Special Thanks credit in every issue until Sonic the Comic #39 (November), when Deborah Tate was promoted to editor and Wong took her position as Assistant Editor.

In Sonic the Comic #86 (September 1996), Audrey Wong's credit was changed again. She was made Features Editor, and the Assistant Editor role was removed entirely. As Features Editor, she was presumably responsible for the non-comic contents of the series, such as the Graphic Zone, Control Zone and Speedlines. She was Features Editor of the series until Sonic the Comic #106 (June 1997). In Sonic the Comic #107, her last appearance on the series, she was simply credited as the Review Zone Editor. Neither the Features Editor credit nor the Review Zone Editor credit was used following Audrey Wong's departure.

Audrey Wong also edited some of the Sonic the Comic spin-off material, including Sonic the Poster Mag #6 in October 1994 (under Richard Burton as consulting editor). In the Summer of 1996, Audrey Wong was the editor of both the Sonic Holiday Special 1996 and the Knuckles Knock-Out Special.

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