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The Automatic Trail[1] is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Riders. They are race course sections that automatically guide racers and can grant Air as well.


Essentially, the Automatic Trails are racing tracks. They have not set design, and their look depends entirely on the racing course's environment. As such, they can be a metal pole running along a digital cable, a millipede or even a river stream.


SR SC Automatic Trail

Tails on Splash Canyon's Automatic Trail.

The Automatic Trails are sections of the various race courses in Sonic Riders. While on Automatic Trails, the playable character is automatically controlled and requires no input from the player. In most cases though, the player can move faster down the Automatic Trails and gain Air at the same time by quickly rotating the Control Stick in a clockwise direction (or alternately press the left and right arrow keys in the PC version).

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