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The Azurites are creatures that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog comics published by Archie Comics. They are an alien race of triclopses that exist at an accelerated rate in the time stream, and the dominant species of the planet Azuria.[1][2]



Seemingly amphibious in nature, the Azurites are three-eyed beings that evolved rapidly from alien frogs into green-skinned, frog-like humanoids due to the accelerated time on their planet.

Characteristics and culture

The Azurites' entire culture is based around the worship of the "Blue Immortal".[1]


Sonic the Hedgehog first encountered after the Magesteron disaster when it was uninhabitable and watched as life itself and their entire culture developed around him in a matter of hours. From the Azurites' perspective, even Sonic moved at an incredibly slow rate and their ancestors believed the hedgehog and the escape pod he was in to be some kind of idol that guided their fates. No Azurite ever lived long enough to see Sonic move in their early society and thought he was inanimate for many ages. With the development of their culture into a more modern age, they were able to technologically scan his escape pod and found that he was in fact alive, and possibly a god. Their race became divided over this revelation and many wars were waged to uphold the old ways of thinking, which centered around the worship of their "Blue Immortal."[2]

Eventually, the Azurites reconciled to the facts, but were still unable to open Sonic's capsule, so one of their leading scientists, Professor Parg, and his colleagues created the Temporal Decelerator to slow down their world's passage of time and move at the same speed as Sonic to meet with him. Once Sonic explained he was merely a mortal observer of their society's development due to their different evolutionary rates, Professor Parg deactivated the Decelerator to help Sonic and construct a spaceship right around him in order to leave the planet and return to Mobius.[2]

Known Azurites


  • The Azurites' nature and society are similar to that of a planet featured in the Star Trek: Voyager television series. In the episode "Blink of an Eye", the USS Voyager becomes caught in the magnetic field of a planet that moves at an accelerated rate in time. Visible from the surface, the ship becomes the subject of legends and folklore, until astronauts eventually visit it. Like Sonic, Voyager was able to escape from the planet when the race advanced far enough to develop highly advanced technology.


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