Spr fish

BFish is a Badnik found in the prototype versions of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.


It resembles a gray and mint green Masher. Unlike Masher, which simply moves up and down, it attacks Sonic in an arc-like motion. To destroy the Badnik, the player would have had to simply roll or jump into it like its Emerald Hill-dwelling counterpart. It may have been set to appear in Hidden Palace Zone, as it is a debug object in an early prototype but as the Zone is ultimately scrapped, the Badnik is not used in the game.


  • Interestingly this Badnik isn't listed in any instruction manual, however it is referred to as "bfish" in the game's source code.
  • Due to its internal name, it's unknown if any connection to BBat is intended. Along with the other Badnik, it was also assigned as a Hidden Palace Debug object in the "Nick Arcade" prototype.

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