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Babylon Garden

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Babylon Garden
Babylon Garden as seen in Sonic Riders.
Appearances and overview
First appearance

Sonic Riders

Other appearances

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity


An ancient floating city.

Stage theme(s)

Sky theme

Previous stage

Sand Ruins

(story mode)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Level number

6 (Final Level)

Babylon Garden is a floating island of ruins as the Babylonians' ancestral home. It is also the very last course in Hero Story Mode in Sonic Riders. This course is only playable as Sonic the Hedgehog in story mode, but playable as any character in a normal race.


Babylon Garden is a floating island that was home to thieves known as the Babylonians. Because of the crimes they committed they invoked the wrath of the gods, who cast the islands into the depths of the earth.

Afterwards the Babylonians left their lost world scattered for all time, but it is believed that the treasure of the Babylon Garden still remains on the island.

Earlier history shows that the Babylonians were more of an alien race which later became an organization of bird thieves, the ancestors of the Babylon Rogues.

The current Babylon Rogues are descendants of these Babylonians.

Sonic Riders

Wave the Swallow planted a bomb on the bottom of Sonic's Extreme Gear, the Blue Star. In the final race of Eggman's grand prix, she blew up Sonic's Gear, allowing Jet to win. Using the seven Chaos Emeralds attained from winning, and an ancient square key, Jet used the power of the emeralds to rise Babylon Garden out of the sands. Eggman plotted the entire thing out, and took Jet's key and made haste for Babylon Garden. The Babylon Rogues and Sonic's friends, chased after Eggman after Amy herself chases Eggman and latches on to his Egg Mobile as they head for Babylon Garden. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles pursue Eggman on the Tornado. Tails gives Sonic a new board, the Blue Star II, and Sonic and Jet race each other to defeat Eggman. After the races, Sonic takes the key back from Eggman and gives it to Jet. Jet was surprised that Sonic gave it to him. After Sonic leaves, Wave takes the key and runs of to the door it opens, and they race in for the ancient treasure they wanted the whole time.


This course starts at the top of a huge ramp. The course is a long, snaking track above Babylon Garden. It is stormy, and jets are racing around in the sky. In the middle of the level, one jet blows up a section of the track and creates a turbulence that you must ride on. At the top, you fall and catch a jet and ride it to the other side of the level. This course includes two grind rails, two sets of air rings and two power type shortcuts. In Story Mode, only Sonic is playable.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity it is revealed that Babylon Garden is actually a very advanced space craft, and that Babylonians are actually aliens. When the ancient Babylonians crash-landed towards earth they released their engine units, the Arks of the Cosmos, and landed in orbit. After that they waited for years for their engine unit to fall to Earth, after several years one unit crashed to Earth and they retrieved it and sealed it in the Gigan Rocks.

A long time later when only three Babylonians were left (Jet, Wave and Storm) the rest of the arks fell from space, one located by Eggman and put in the mother computer making the meteor tech robots go haywire. Another was found by Tails and given to Sonic, a third was found by SCR-HD who was the leader of the robots making them follow his orders they tried to hunt down the rest of the stones. The final one was found by Amy, and the one sealed in Gigan Rocks was found by Jet. The amount of time Babylon Garden was floating it eventually got buried by the sand in the desert almost completely wrecking Babylon Garden.

Archie Comics

In the Archie Comics, Babylon Garden was a spaceship controlled by the Babylonians, but was forced to crash-land on Mobius a thousand years prior to the current story line. A malfunction inside Babylon Garden threatened to destroy Mobius with a black hole if the Babylonians tried to leave, so the Babylonians deactivated Babylon Garden and hid away underground so no one would find it and risk the destruction of the planet.

A thousand years later, the Battle Bird Armada and the Babylon Rogues managed to find Babylon Garden, which was located beneath Mobotropolis, and succeeded in reactivating it and made it emerge from the earth, into the sky. However, before the ship's autopilot could create a black hole when it tried to travel into space, it was stopped by Sonic the Hedgehog, and Babylon Garden itself crashed into the mountains near Mobotropolis.


  • Even though the course is called a garden, it hardly has any plants of any kind.
  • This level contains the game's only Shuttle loop, which is after the first shortcut. You can enter it through the left arch or the middle arch if your character is not a flying type.
  • There is an alert, possibly out of Babylon Garden's security system, that stems out whenever a large amount of turbulence appears. The system is voiced by Bella Hudson.
  • Babylon Garden is similar to Angel Island.
  • Babylon Garden, more commonly known as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, is an actual location that existed is Mesoptamia, which was situated in modern day Iraq.


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