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The Babylon Guardian (called Angelus the Gatekeeper in Japan) is the final boss and only boss in Sonic Riders. Somewhat confusingly, "Babylon Guardian" is also the name of the stage in which he appears in. He is also referred to as "the guardian God of Babylon" when choosing his stage.


Angelus is a genie in a bottle, and resembles a large purple hawk who guards the treasure of Babylon.


After getting the Key to Babylon Garden back from Sonic, the Babylon Rogues enter Babylon Garden to find the Treasure of Babylon. Just as Sonic and friends are about to leave, a loud roar emanates from the palace. Sonic and friends then decide to join up with the Rogues to see what's going on. A large creature forms and reveals itself to be the Babylon Guardian. He then attacks them because he believes them to be greedy. After Sonic and his allies defeated him, the Babylon Garden disintegrates into sparkles in anguish and relinquished the Treasure of Babylon.


Angelus regards those who seek treasure as greedy,

Course Overview

The course is a simple oval track with a virtual underworld background. However, it is only a projection, as it reverts back to a cyberspace background each time the Babylon Guardian is hit. There are two trick ramps and one shortcut for each type.

Attack pattern

The guardian God is defeated by boosting into his bottle three times. His health is displayed at the top of the screen by three hearts. He occasionally throws energy balls at the player or shrinks into his bottle. The player has to successfully hit the bottle and cross the finish line to go on to the next lap; the lap counter will remain on Lap 1 until the player boosts into him and then crosses the marker. Once he is defeated, crossing the finish line first will win the race.


PS2 ~ Sonic Riders - Babylon - 14. FINAL BOSS Battle Vs04:38

PS2 ~ Sonic Riders - Babylon - 14. FINAL BOSS Battle Vs. Babylon Guardian

Apperances in other media

Archie Comics

Main article: Angelus
Babylon Guardian (Archie)

The Babylon Guardian in the Archie Comics.

The Babylon Guardian appears the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin off comics, where he is named Angelus. He was a hologram made by the ancient Babylonians used to protect the Key to Babylon Garden under the Gigan Mountains. He battled Jet, Wave and Storm when they came to take the key. However, the Babylon Rogues destroyed Angelus' projectors, causing him to disappear.


  • "Angelus" is the Latin form of the Greek "angelos," meaning "messenger".
  • Maddie Blaustein provides the character's voice in the English version of Sonic Riders, although Angelus' dialogue is mostly restricted to incoherent howling.
  • This is the only stage in the whole game that contains no rings.
  • This helps to prove how the computer characters level up. In the game the exhaust coming out of the back of the Extreme Gears shows what level that character is at. About every thirty seconds, the computer characters will move to the next level, despite there are no rings. If they get to level 3 and are attacked, they will revert back to level 1 but lose no rings, proving that they automatically level up with rings or without them.
  • He is the only boss of Sonic Riders.
  • In Story Mode, the player controls Sonic for this battle, despite being part of the Babylon story.

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