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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Quotation1 Minions attack!! Destroy that meddlesome blue pineapple!! Quotation2
Dr. Eggman, Sonic Boom #5

Badniks[1] are a group that appears in the Sonic Boom franchise. They are the robot line that serves as the military backbone of Dr. Eggman's robot legions. The units consist of three consistent models designed for the purpose of overwhelming the enemy with numbers. Though easily replenished, they are very expensive to produce and not very tough.[2]


The Badniks are based on regular non-anthropomorphic animals and are entirely mechanical. They are designed with a number of armaments and basic skills and can be equipped with extra gear. However, they are not very powerful and extremely fragile as a well-aimed whack is enough to disable them.[3]

On the most part, Badniks possess a limited artificial intelligence, being completely silent and near-mindless drones that solely work for Eggman. However, they do appear to possess some personalities of their own, having showcased festive and celebrative gestures on a number of occasions.[4] As per their programming, they will only obey orders after being threatened.[2] Each unit can also receive power remotely from Dr. Eggman's lair.[5]


TV series

Season one

Badnik battle results

The usual results of badniks fighting Team Sonic.

On countless occasions, the Badniks have been deployed against Team Sonic and its members, only to quickly be destroyed by the heroes one way or another.[6][7][2] When not fighting, the Badniks otherwise reside at Dr. Eggman's Lair, guarding it and aiding Dr. Eggman with his projects.[3][8] Additionally, Eggman has put a number of Badniks up for sale for other parties, such as T.W. Barker and his circus.[9]

The Badniks were the primary guests at the surprise party Eggman held for Orbot and Cubot where they enjoyed some festivities before Eggman brought them to a close.[4] As Eggman later allowed Nominatus in on his systems, the computer virus took control of the Badniks to exterminate all life on earth and sent them to attack Eggman and his allies until Orbot and Cubot destroyed Nominatus.[10] The Badniks were eventually abandoned when Eggman forsook technology, allowing the Lightning Bolt Society to take control of them and send them on random rampages. However, the Badniks returned to Eggman once he reclaimed his lair.[11]

Discontent with Dave the Intern service at Chez Amy, the Badniks were summoned by Eggman to destroy Dave and the restaurant. Thanks to Team Sonic though, they only accomplished the latter.[12] Only a fraction of the badniks were later used to shoot Eggman's mind-enslaving movie, though the remainder joined the audience at its premiere. Because the movie proved to be a failure though, the Badniks were sent away by Eggman.[13] Deviating from their regular assignments, the Badniks accompanied Eggman to the Valley of the Cubots to destroy the renegade Cubot prototypes. With Sonic and Tails protecting the prototypes though, they had to retreat.[14]

Several Eggman Industries-branded Badniks would join a mission sponsored by Eggman to remove Knuckles as host of the Comedy Chimp Show as a part of a sponsor deal with Comedy Chimp. However, they left after a battle with Team Sonic.[15] Another time, when Eggman was stealing Tails' inventions using Hypno-bot, the Badniks protected Hypno-bot. While the Badniks were busy with Team Sonic though, Tails got Hypno-bot to stop the Badniks by making them dance.[16]

After harnessing solar power, Eggman sicced his remotely super-charged Badniks on the Village which Team Sonic kept safe, alerting the Archipelago Homeowners Association to Eggman's illegal housing of robots. Eggman thus tried hiding his Badniks from the association or risk eviction. However, the Badniks malfunctioned from power overload during a thunderstorm, making them uncontrollable and blow Eggman's cover. Avoided eviction by convincing the association that his Badniks were art, Eggman spent the night getting them under control.[5]

Archie Comics

Badnik Sonic Boom Archie

The badniks in the Archie Comics.

The Badniks have several times been deployed to battle Team Sonic, only to quickly be destroyed by the heroes one way or another. One time, hordes of Badniks were unleashed on the villagers during the Eggtoberfest when Eggman realized he could not buy the villagers' trust. However all the Badniks were crushed by Team Sonic.[17]

Game appearances

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, all three type of badniks appear as enemies during the stages. Each badnik has their own attack patterns and can be destroyed with one hit.


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