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This article's subject exists primarily or exclusively within the Worlds Collide continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Mega Man

First Appearance

Mega Man 7

Latest Appearance

Sonic and Mega Man: When Worlds Collide (in comics)
Mega Man 10 (in games)


Dr. Wily (more or less), Treble, power, proving he is the superior robot


Sonic The Hedgehog, Mega Man, Proto Man, Dr. Wily (more or less), the Robot Masters made by Wily, losing

Bass, known as Forte in Japan, production name SWN-001 (short for Special Wily Number), is a character from the Mega Man franchise, made by Dr. Wily and appeared in the Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide crossover series. He is partnered with Metal Sonic, and they are acting as Eggman and Wily's primary enforcers.


The Wily Egg Enforcer

Bass came into existence after the second Genesis Wave, a phenomenon engineered by Dr. Eggman, reset his world. In the altered timeline created by the event, he had already come into being, and was known by Mega Man to have rebelled in response to some of Dr. Wily's orders previously. After the Wave had passed, he was sent by Wily and Eggman to Mobius Prime with Metal Sonic to kidnap Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Amy Rose. The four were subsequently transformed into the Roboticized Masters,  who were more easily able to pass between worlds than Bass and Metal Sonic. Apparently taking a liking to his partnership with Metal Sonic, he volunteered them for a mission to capture Dr. Light and put an end to his interference in the doctors' plans. (WC: #1, #3)

From the bridge of the Wily Egg, Bass observed the subsequent battle between Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog's team of allies and the doctors' army of time-cloned Robot Masters, though he became annoyed with Orbot and Cubot as they attempted to handle his pet robot wolf Treble. When the two doctors began fighting over Eggman's attempt on Dr. Light's life, Bass interrupted their argument to inform them that Mega Man, Sonic, Tails, and Rush had penetrated the Wily Egg. As a result, he and Metal Sonic, now joined by Treble, were sent to meet the heroes, and confronted Mega Man and Sonic after Rush and a wounded Tails left the flying fortress. (SU: #53, StH: #250, MM: #27)

Taking on their respective rivals, Bass and Metal Sonic once again proved to be a formidable combination. Bass attacked from a distance, though he wanted Mega Man to face him, and had Treble close in to attack directly. When this resulted in Treble being hit, Bass charged Mega Man in rage, and blasted Sonic off his feet. In an effort to confuse their enemies, the heroes switched opponents, but Bass' shots and Treble's attacks proved too much for Sonic, whom Bass sent flying with a devastating kick. He continued to blast at Sonic, until the heroes decided upon a new strategy: double-teaming him. Sonic came at him again, serving as a distraction that allowed Mega Man to employ the Chaos Cannon weapon he had acquired from Shadow Man, freezing Bass and allowing Sonic to strike him. Bass attempted to hit Sonic again, but was then struck by Silver Man's Psycho Burst followed by Sonic's Spin-Dash. Vector Man's Acoustic Blaster, a kick from Sonic, and a final blow from Rose Woman's Piko Hammer soon took Bass out of the fight. He tried to refute Mega Man's claims that he was unable even to fuse with a limping Treble to continue fighting, but struggled even to speak. Following the heroes' capture, the battle-damaged trio struggled to get back on their feet, Bass cursing the doctors' plans and blaming them for his defeat. He had little time to gripe, however, as the Super Genesis Wave washed over the Skull Egg Zone, Mobius, and Earth, rewriting all reality in its path. (SU: #54, StH: #251)


Bass has shown a capacity for cruelty and a love of causing others harm. He has at times rebelled against Wily's authority, but seems content to do his bidding so long as he finds it entertaining, lets him fight Mega Man, or it gives him a chance to prove how strong he is.

Powers and abilities

Bass is a very skilled fighter, his primary weapon is his Bass Buster, which is similar to Mega Man's Mega Buster. Bass can also fuse with Treble in order to greatly enhance his power.


Bass is a robot with masculine programming, and his coloration is mostly black. He has a yellow-and-black arm-cannon, as well has several lines that are yellow around his chest, shoulders, and feet. His legs, arms, and chest are white. He has purple lines by his eyes. He has a star-shaped sign and upside-down-triangle that are colored blue. He has red eyes.


STH 248 Varient Cover

The variant cover featuring Bass and Shadow.

  • He and Shadow appear in a "Rivals Variant" cover of Worlds Collide #3.
  • He is the only rival that debuted on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the When Worlds Collide cross-over.
  • Prior to Worlds Collide Bass was acknowledged by Dr. Eggman at the end of Sonic Universe #50 when the doctor told Metal Sonic: "Not yet. I need you for much bigger plans! Report to the interdimensional gateway. You're going to meet your new partner. A base villain like yourself!"
  • In keeping with the Mega Man series' use of music themed names, Bass' name is derived from the musical term, meaning his name is actually pronounced Base
    • Bass's Japanese name comes from Forte, which comes from the music term for strong/loud.
  • Bass is one of the few Robot Masters, such as Ra Thor and King, to not have the "Man" prefix in his name.
  • Bass' appearance in the crossover is actually a deliberate contradiction of continuity. The overall Archie Mega Man comic series currently adapts the video game series from the beginning: Bass doesn't make his debut in the games until Mega Man 7 and, at the time the crossover began, the comic had only adapted the events of the first two games, with the events of the third game being foreshadowed. The nature of the Genesis Wave in the crossover, in which the timeline can be controlled, is what allows Bass to appear in the story early.


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