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Bata-Pyon scanned official artwork.

Batapyon a

Bata-Pyon (バタピョン?) is a Badnik featured in Wacky Workbench from Sonic the Hedgehog CD, with the physical appearance of a grasshopper.


Bata-Pyon bears a design inspired by a grasshopper, with its attack pattern reflecting it. It aimlessly bounces up and down in a designated area. This Badnik sports a green body, with a yellow "belly" from which an orange spring is placed in order for Bata-Pyon to hop around. When broken due to aging, Bata-Pyon gains crumpled antennae, a tired look in its eyes, and a loss of plating its midsection above its spring. The worn out Bata-Pyon also takes more time to recoil from a landing, with the same said for bouncing.


Sonic the Hedgehog CD

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