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Battle Bird Armada
Great Battle Kukku 15th, the leader of the Battle Bird Armada
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Miles "Tails" Prower

The Battle Bird Armada (バトルクック軍 Batoru Kukku Gun?, lit. "Battle Kukku Army") are the primary antagonists in Tails Adventure. They are an army of belligerent bird warriors lead by Great Battle Kukku 15th.


The Battle Bird Armada invades Cocoa Island to uncover the Chaos Emeralds which lay hidden there for ages. Tails fends off the invaders and defeats them. The Battle Bird Armada consists of uniformed birds, somewhat intelligent robot drones and advanced machinery. The army lives on a huge flying fortress that posed as an island throughout most of Tails Adventure.

Notable members

  • Great Battle Kukku 15th, the dictator-like leader of the army. He is larger than most Kukkus, and is the final boss of the game battled in his flying fortress. He fights by throwing bombs all around him and throwing Tails himself if the fox gets too close.
  • Battle Kukku 16th, aka Speedy, the son of Great Battle Kukku 15th. Speedy is a quick green Kukku who, despite his natural and fast aerial skills, sometimes wears armor equipped with an energy gun and a jet engine that lets him take even faster flight. He appears as a boss twice throughout the game, first on Pori Pori Mountain and then in the flying fortress just before the player faces his father.
  • Dr. Fukurokov, the army's main scientist. He is the first boss of the flying fortress, but does not actually fight, as he instead lets his defensive machinery take care of Tails. His tendency to overlook little details is his greatest weakness.

Appearances in Other Media

Archie Comics

Predator Hawk joining the army.
The Battle Bird Armada has appeared in the Archie Comics continuity. It was first mentioned in Sonic the Hedgehog #163, "Sonic Rider, Part One", by Jet the Hawk, who told Eggman that he had left "an armada". In Sonic the Hedgehog #173, "Round Up!", Bean the Dynamite mentioned that he got the Extreme Gear by leaving "the armada" at the right time. Bean mentioned the armada again in Sonic the Hedgehog #187, "Mister Popular", when he accused Predator Hawk of being an "armada-deserter", only for Predator Hawk to retort "You're one to talk." The Armada itself made a full appearance in Sonic Universe #17, "Trouble in Paradise, Part One", the first part of the Archie adaptation of Tails Adventure. This episode also introduced Speedy, the sixteenth Battlekukku.

As in the games, the Battle Bird Armada consists entirely of birds. They are led by the Battle Lord and operate out of a hidden location near Cocoa Island. They are highly aggressive and believe that birds are the only Mobians with any right to fly

During the Second Robotnik War the Armada leased itself to Dr. Eggman. This arrangement left them rather behind on current events despite having access to the Eggnet, and prompted them to focus on achieving their own objectives. Establishing a training area on Cocoa Island with their headquarters disguised as a sister island to the main one, the Battle Bird Armada were surprised when Miles "Tails" Prower, Bunnie Rabbot, and Antoine D'Coolette landed on the beach. Apparently unaware that Tails had previously set up a workshop on the main island, they observed the trio for some time. On Speedy's orders with the Battle Lord's go-ahead, armed troops landed on the island at night for an ambush, eventually subduing the D'Coolette's as Speedy went after Tails. Tails escaped while Bunnie was taken before the Battle Lord, who mistook her for a member of the Dark Egg Legion. Going along with the mistake, Bunnie learned of the Armada's affiliation with the Eggman Empire, gathering details on their operations. She also found out the Rogues' status as former Armada members before being alerted that Antoine escaped his cell.

Elsewhere, Armada troopers guarding the Sea Fox were neutralized by Tails with knockout gas, allowing the Fox to investigate their base which he deduced was the third "sister island". He then engaged Armada submersibles in battle, briefly complimenting their technology before defeating them, but not before the Sea Fox was damaged, forcing it to surface. Meanwhile, Speedy and Bunnie both went after Antoine and clashed over who had greater authority, only for the coyote to leap to his believed demise from an escape hatch at the top of the headquarters after being supposedly convinced that Bunnie was a traitor.

Defeat and Retreat

Tails and Antoine (who had been saved by landing into the Sea Fox when he saw it below him) later infiltrated the base through a tunnel beneath the sea bed and while dispatching the guards, were saved when Bunnie showed up to assist them. In the storage bay, the heroes then confronted Dr. Fukurokov who set his Mole Mech against them, which was destroyed by Tails while the D'Coolette's inflicted significant structural damage to the whole base by attacking key areas of the bay. After rescuing Speedy from Mole Mech's wreckage, the three of them escaped from the damaged fortress as it rose from the ocean and headed away from the island.

After their retreat, Battle Kukku XV accosted Speedy for not informing him Bunnie was a Freedom Fighter and told Dr. Fukurokov that he would have to repair the fortress by himself. XV then decided to renew their efforts to find those who left the Armada--namely the Babylon Rogues-- so they could return to their full strength and defeat the Eggman Empire in order to conquer Mobius and get their revenge on Tails, while seemingly oblivious that the Rogues themselves were following them for a confrontation.

Known members


  • The Battle Bird Armada are the second villains that Tails has fought single-handedly, the first being Wendy Witchcart, although they are the first chronologically.
  • While they only appeared in Tails Adventure, a seemingly cancelled storyline for the Archie Comics would have introduced the Battle Bird Armada as villains in an issue following #134.[1]
  • There is a similarity between Speedy, Bean the Dynamite and Jet the Hawk; they are three bird characters who are all green. Also, Great Battle Kukku 15th and Bean both use bombs as their weapon of choice.
  • It was revealed in the Archie Comics that Bean the Dynamite and the Destructix's Predator Hawk were once part of the Battle Kukku Armada along with the Bablyon Rogues ,



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