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Bean the Dynamite (ビーン・ザ・ダイナマイト Bīn za Dainamaito?) is a playable character in Sonic the Fighters. He is anthropomorphic duck who competed in a fighting tournament for the Chaos Emeralds and the right to destroy the Death Egg II. In battle Bean is capable of throwing endless amount of bombs for his amusement and defense.

Concept and creation

Dynamite Dux Arcade

Screenshot from arcade version of Dynamite Dux, featuring Bin and Pin in the Bonus Game.

Bean the Dynamite is based on characters Bin and Pin from the 1988 arcade game, Dynamite Dux developed by Sega-AM2, where the aforementioned ducks attempt to rescue a girl called Lucy from the evil Sorcerer, Achacha. "Bean" is close to the Japanese pronunciation of "Bin".[3] Bean is near identical to Bin and Pin, except for his green feathers and attire. In his first appearance of Sonic the Fighters, Bean is most likely designed by Masahiro Sugiyama, the character designer of the arcade game.[4]


Bean was one of the participants in the fighting tournament held when Dr. Robotnik constructed the Death Egg II to take over earth with his robots. He is found as opponent in Dynamite Plant. Should Bean win this tournament, he would receive the Chaos Emeralds from the other participants in addition to his own, and geet the right to use them for Tails's single-seat Lunar Fox which would take him to the Death Egg II to destroy it.

At the end of the tournament, the victor used the Chaos Emeralds to go to the Death Egg II and made it self-destruct moments after escaping it.

Other game appearances and cameos

Sonic Generations

In the console/PC versions of Sonic Generations, Bean appears on the wanted posters dotted throughout the City Escape.

Fighters Megamix

Bean made appearance as an unlockable character in Fighters Megamix, a beat'em-up game released on the Sega Saturn in 1996. Bean plays like any other Virtua Fighter character except he still has ability to throw bombs. He is unlocked after defeating the 'Muscle' submode of the arcade mode and his alternate costume is blue recolor with shorter fringe and bow on his chest, looking exactly like Bin from Dynamite Dux. His home stage is South Island.

Virtua Striker 2

Bean is a member of MVP Yuki Chan team, a secret team in Virtua Striker 2, the second installment in Sega's popular arcade soccer series released in 1997.[5] To access said team, at the Team Select screen, press: start, ↘, start, ↓, ←, start, →, start, →, ↙, start, ↓, start, start and start. To play against MVP Yuki Chan team, press start, ↘, start, ↓, start, ←, start, →, start, →, start, ↙, start, ↓, start, start and start.[6]

Shenmue and Shenmue II

Bean appears as a collectible small toy in both Shenmue and its sequel Shenmue II along with other characters from Sonic the Fighters, sans Honey the Cat.


Most of Bean's personality is hard to define, though he is characterized with rapid and erratic movements, suggesting that he is either hyperactivity or highly eccentric. Supposedly, he is also considered dangerous.[7]

Powers and abilities

Bean, as his moniker implies, is an explosion expert who primarily attacks with bombs. It is unknown where he gets them from, but he seems to be able to produce them whenever needed, similar to how Amy pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer; his bombs however, are weak and can backfire if they explode too close up to Bean. In addition, Bean is very agile, rivaling the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog.

In combat, Bean is a flurry and strong fighter, capable of going up against experienced fighters like Sonic and Knuckles. His combat style revolves around heavy utilization of his bombs, either throwing or kicking them into opponent. Apart from the use of bombs, Bean's secondary weapon is his beak which he can use to deliver a rapid flurry of jabs to his opponents.

Bean also has the ability to harness chaos energy from the Chaos Emeralds to bolster his innate abilities, allowing him to enter Hyper Mode.

In other media

Archie Comics

Blog Bean

Bean as he appears in Archie Comics.

Bean appears in the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog and its spin-off comic series where he is a mercenary with an undefinable past. He first appeared to attack Sonic on his with his partner Bark, but was driven off by the Freedom Fighters and their allies. After serving Mammoth Mogul for a while, Bean Bark joined Nack as Team Hooligan to find a Sol Emerald, but they eventually had to give up the hunt after facing too much opposition.

Following the Super Genesis Wave, Bean's history became virtually identical to that of his game counterpart, where he and Bark tried stealing a Sol and Chaos Emerald before joining the Chaos Emerald Championship with Nack.



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