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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
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Beauregard Rabbot
187px-Beau rabbot
Biographical overview

Bunnie D'Coolette

Physical description

Rabbit, Cyborg



Color scheme

Brown, Yellow, Gray


Yellow, White


Leather Jacket, Boots, a glove and a tie

Alignment and character traits


Beauregard Rabbot, also known as The Baron, is the Grandmaster of the Great Desert chapter of the Dark Egg Legion and the uncle of Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette.


Beauregard is a yellow rabbit with a white muzzle and blue/grey eyes. He has bushy eyebrows and his brown hair is styled into thick dreadlocks adorned with beads. He keeps his long ears tied back. He wears a brown hat, a long brown coat with a red tie in the front, black Eggman-style bottoms and a blue fingerless glove on his left hand. As a Legionnaire, he has cybernetics, the most obvious of which being his robotic right arm. He carries a metallic cane. The character was designed by artist Steven Butler.


From Baron to Grandmaster

Beauregard originally hailed from the Southern Baronies, a region often at odds with the Kingdom of Acorn. He took in his niece Bunnie after her parents died during the Great War, and raised her together with his wife Lulumae. Unfortunately, a rift was driven between them when Beauregard claimed that Bunnie's parents had died fighting for the Overland during the war. Refusing to believe that her parents were traitors, Bunnie-whom Beauregard had affectionately called Buns-left her uncle and aunt. Beauregard himself also held the Kingdom in some contempt, and apparently had some knowledge of the D'Coolette family and their support for the House of Acorn. He was also a loyal patriot of the Baronies, quoted by Bunnie as vowing that "the South will rise again."


Beauregard was one of the many victims of Roboticization during the First Robotnik War; as a mindless Robian, he was set against Sand Blast City. However, when the Bem performed a mass deroboticization of almost all Robians on Mobius, Beauregard suddenly found himself returned to normal without knowing what had happened. He and the other former Robians attempted to settle in Sand Blast City before getting ready to return home; however, the Sand-Blasters didn't trust the former Robians and treated them as second-class citizens, driving them into the badlands. Wanting to protect his group, Beauregard was forced to approach the Eggman Empire for help; the former Robians received cybernetic upgrades and joined the Dark Egg Legion. (StH: #217)

Protecting the Oil Ocean Refinery

In exchange for being Legionized, the new DEL chapter was ordered to run and protect the Oil Ocean Refinery for Eggman. Beauregard became the chapter's Grandmaster. Despite not wanting to help Eggman, he felt he had no choice in order to keep his people safe. This put him back in conflict with the Sand Blasters and their city. Due to this conflict, however, Beauregard's niece, Bunnie D'Coolette, arrived in the region; the same measures the Sand Blasters used against the Legion had affected her as well, causing her to fall injured and be found by the Legion. Beauregard had the Legion take her in and give her time to recover; one she'd finally regained consciousness, he approached her and the two happily reunited after having not seen each other in years. Due to Bunnie's robotic limbs, Beauregard assumed that she too had been Legionized, but when she explained that she'd actually been half-roboticized and then joined the Freedom Fighters, he said he was proud of her. He was shocked to learn she had married, though he showed some reservations upon hearing that Bunnie had married into a family he considered "soldiers bent on protectin' the oppressors." Bunnie said she didn't want to "start" again with that topic, especially after they had just found each other again, and he dropped it. When Bunnie asks how he could have possibly chosen to side with Eggman, he took the situation lightly at first, but then decided that since she was grown up now, he should be honest with her. He took her out into the Legion's desert settlement and explained why he felt they had no choice but to work for Eggman. Eventually, Bunnie said she understood and agreed to help him. The next morning, Beauregard rode a Legion saucer to the refinery with Bunnie and a young Legionnaire, Matilda. He asked Bunnie if she would really be okay fighting what were technically other Freedom Fighters, but Bunnie insisted that she wasn't fond of the Sand Blasters, anyway. Beauregard was suddenly punched by Sonic the Hedgehog, who had arrived with the Sand Blasters in order to "rescue" Bunnie from the Dark Egg Legion. Bunnie proceeded to attack Sonic in order to defend her uncle from any harm, and the two began to brawl. (StH: #217)

The Legion flew and landed its saucers just outside of the refinery while Beauregard observed the fight with binoculars. Matilda the Armadillo inquired how long they were to maintain their position, and Beauregard replied that they'd wait until Bunnie either had the situation under control or needed their help. Proud, he remarked to himself that his "Li'l Buns" was all grown up and even holding her own against the famous Sonic the Hedgehog. Eventually, Matilda noticed that the Sand Blasters were making their way into the refinery, and Beauregard announced it was time to move in, ordering her to power up the saucer. Matilda commented that, hopefully, they would be able to end the fighting before the refinery was further damaged; this caused Beauregard to pause, and he brought up his binoculars again. He saw that, rather than all-out brawling, Sonic and Bunnie were smiling and not fighting all that seriously; the fight was a pretense to allow them to destroy the refinery. Lowering his binoculars, Beauregard coldly commented to himself that he should have expected this; after all, his niece had told him she was a Freedom Fighter and, on top of that, had married a D'Coolette. (StH: #218)

While the Legion and Sand Blasters began to clash inside the refinery, Beauregard came across Jack Rabbit and Avery, who were preparing to fire a rocket at Bunnie and Sonic. Beauregard struck Avery over the head with his cane, causing the rocket to be fired straight up into the sky. He then grabbed Jack with his robotic arm, forcing him to drop his weapon; Jack called him an ungrateful backstabber, but Beauregard retorted, "Don't you dare lecture me, Jack." When Bunnie came running over, Beauregard angrily criticized her actions, reminding her that he and his chapter would suffer for failing to defend the refinery. Avery's rocket then fell down, causing a massive explosion. (StH: #218)

With the refinery burning around them, Beauregard cried that Bunnie had doomed them all. However, Bunnie and Sonic explained that they had prevented the refinery from falling into the hands of the Sand-Blasters, and that Sonic's mere involvement would shift the blame away from Beau. Accepting what had happened, he nevertheless told his niece she would one day have to fight him as a Freedom Fighter. He and Bunnie then said goodbye to one another and parted ways, as Beau ordered the Dark Egg Legion to retreat. (StH: #218)

Continued Servitude

Beauregard received a false message from Snively Robotnik reporting Robotnik's death and the destruction of the Death Egg Mark 2.  Any illusions Beauregard may have had were short lived, as he and the other Grandmasters were summoned to the Death Egg for a meeting with Robotnik. After being informed that their cybernetics all contained explosives that Robotnik could detonate at will, the Baron and his peers were ordered to continue their appointed tasks, with the additional charge of seeking out the missing Chaos Emerald. His Legionnaires continued to come into conflict with the Sand-Blasters, particularly when the group were joined by Mighty the Armadillo. Having seen the super-strong Chaotix member easily overpower his forces, Beauregard was understandably suspicious when Mighty came to his camp offering himself up as a prisoner. After surviving the Legion's efforts to subdue him, Mighty met with Beuregard, who left Mighty unrestrained - partly due to his knowledge that chaining Mighty up would be pointless anyway.

When Mighty revealed that he had come looking for his long-lost sister, Beauregard realized that he was referring to Matilda, and summoned the young Armadillo. The Baron had hoped that being reunited with her brother would help the withdrawn youngster open up - both he and Mighty were disappointed when she displayed neither recognition nor interest in her sibling. Offering Mighty his condolences, Beauregard assured him that Matilda would be looked after in the Legion, which had become a family of sorts. Eager to maintain Mighty's cover so as to avoid reprisal from Eggman, Beau instructed his soldiers to forget hearing Mighty's story and dismiss it as another Sand-Blaster lie. He then had Mighty escorted to the brig, intending to return him to Sand Blast City as part of a prisoner exchange the next day so that the Armadillo could make an escape. Unknown to Beauregard, however, Jack Rabbit decided to use the exchange as an opportunity to eliminate him once and for all.

At the exchange point, Beauregard had Mighty enter a large restraint on the Legion's carrier as part of the pretense that he was a prisoner. When the sorrowful Armadillo expressed his regrets over being unable to give Matilda the family and happiness she had been denied, Beauregard was reminded of Bunnie, and again expressed his sympathy. Matilda then informed him of the arrival of the Sand-Blasters, and Beauregard used a microphone to communicate with his nemesis. Answering Jack's demand that he hand over Mighty with derision, as the Armadillo was easily capable of demolishing the Legion's platform, the Baron declared that they would exchange hostages as usual. Though he took great delight in forcing Jack to ask for the return of his most valued operative, it was short-lived; several of Jack's hostages turned out to be Sand-Blaster supporters disguised as Legionnaires. Beauregard, realizing a new depth to Jack's underhanded nature, quickly ordered his forces to defend themselves, but cautioned them to watch out for their comrades amongst the prisoners. Mighty surprised Beauregard by begging him to allow him to join the battle, insisting that his cover was already compromised-Jack had overheard Vector address him by his real name. Beau was then surprised when Ray the Flying Squirrel landed on the carrier and demanded that he release Mighty, only to be grabbed by Matilda for threatening the Baron.

Mighty and Beau quickly called her off, and were then witness as she again declared that she had no feelings for her brother, only for Ray to deliver a heartfelt appeal to her. Jolt the Roadrunner took advantage of the moment to board the carrier, only to be dispatched by Matilda before he could harm Mighty. One of the Sand-Blasters' tanks then opened fire on the carrier, and Matilda intercepted the missile, and her injury led Mighty into a rampage that drove off the Sand-Blasters. Beauregard quickly rushed Matilda back to camp, and was able to stabilize her condition. However he warned Mighty that Matilda couldn't go with him until her arms were repaired and she had recovered. When Mighty wanted to stay, he sternly turned him down, telling him that such a ruse would be impossible to keep up for long. However he was willing to let Mighty visit her - carefully.

After the Chaotix departed, the Baron consoled Matilda and informed her that he would do everything to get her repaired and back to her family soon. She thanked him, and he simply responded that he understood the pain of a broken family, as he turned to regard his niece Bunnie standing in the doorway behind him.


Beauregard appears somewhat regal and easy-going, though he is a caring, decisive leader. He's pragmatic but has a slight jovial side and is gracious and appreciative of those working under his command. He seems to have a harder edge under his generally pleasant demeanor. Despite that he is a Legionnaire, he greatly loves his niece Bunnie and is proud of her for becoming a Freedom Fighter. It is clear that he isn't happy working for Eggman. He also seems to have a distaste for the Kingdom of Acorn, referring to the royal line as oppressors; according to Bunnie, he was known for saying, "The south shall rise again!" He also holds family in very high regard as he was clearly upset that he had to part ways with his niece again.

When Chaotix member Mighty approached him to ask to see his sister, he was perfectly willing to allow it and to even let her go with him if she chose. When she failed to recognise him, Beau was disappointed, but when she changed her mind again, was happy, even willing to allow visits, as long as Mighty was careful about it. He was also willing to let her go back to her brother once she was recovered.


  • Bunnie's "Uncle Beauregard" was first mentioned by name in StH: #39; he was not introduced as a character until StH: #217
  • Beauregard's wants for the South to rise again seems to be a reference to the attitude of Confederate States of America war veterans and certain passionate descendants. Beauregard's rebellious attitude toward the Kingdom of Acorn may be a continuation of this analogy, but for different reasons than the Confederates.
  • The nickname "The Baron" is probably a reference to Oil Barons of the Southern States of the USA.

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