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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Belinda[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. She is an anthropomorphic goat from the Village on Seaside Island and the wife of Charlie.


Belinda is a thin humanoid goat of average height with brown fur, a tan muzzle with a black nose, and blue eyes. She has long hair that she keeps together in a braid, curved ears and stubby white horns on top of her head, and a short bushy tail. For attire she wears a straw hat with a light blue band and a yellow flower, a long green dress with a darker green upper section that depicts butterflies, a yellow necktie, white gloves, a brown belt with a side pocket braided with a flower, and brown shoes.


TV series

Season one

When Knuckles began hanging around Charlie, Belinda invited him over for dinner, much to Charlie's grief. After being told by Knuckles that Charlie had been fired from his job though, Belinda had enough of her husband's meek disposition and kicked him out. However, when Charile stood up to Knuckles by becoming a supervillain, Belinda took him back. As Charlie lost to Knuckles, Belinda faked a truce with Knuckles and praised her husband's growth and new career choice.[2]


Violent Belinda

Belinda encouraging violence.

Belinda is a good hostess as seen when she invited whom she thought to be her husband's friend over for dinner. However, she can be quit short-tempered and assertive. She also has little tolerance for people unwilling to stand for themselves or too meek to speak their mind. Showing a sense of maliciousness, she displays an affection for violence and has an evil laugh. She can also be dishonest when she has to, like when she faked a truce with Knuckles for Charlie's sake.[2]



Charlie and his wife

Belinda and her husband being evil together.

The supervillain Charlie is Belinda's husband. The two of them are very close, although they have their share of arguments. Originally, Belinda had a problem with her husband's unwillingness to stand up for himself, which eventually made her kick him out. However, she took Charlie back after he proved his assertiveness by becoming a supervillain. Afterwards, their bond became stronger than ever as Belinda not only praised her husband's growth, but also lied for him so he could remain a villain and keep tormenting Knuckles.[2]


"I don't recall any thing. If you're trying to imply that you don't want someone here, perhaps you should just say it!"
—Belinda response to meekness, "Counter Productive"
"Alright Charlie! Crush him!"
—Belinda encouraging brutality, "Counter Productive"
"Great job Charlie! You stood up for yourself and got a new job as a supervillain."
—Belinda praising CHarlie's life choices, "Counter Productive"


  • Belinda's character model is derived from Lady Goat's.
  • Despite being a goat, Belinda does not bleat during her sentences like Lady Goat. This is because the writers for the Sonic Boom television series did not want to use the same joke for two characters.[3]
  • Belinda received her name as a part of the contents for season two of the Sonic Boom television series rather than season one.[4]


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