The Big Chaser[1] is an enemy that appears in the Wii version of Sonic Colors. It is a Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman. Unlike most other Badniks, the Big Chaser is a nigh-unstoppable juggernaut who pursues its enemies with unyielding relentlessness.


The Big Chaser is a massive robot about five times Sonic's height. It resembles a hermit crab with a large purple cylinder for a shell that it wears vertically, and has a yellow beak with two cyan eyes and six yellow crab-like legs protruding from behind its jaw. It possesses a rear extended in a streamline-fashion, with two rockets beneath it, and it has two grey cup-shaped hands with spikes on that it can retract into the sides of its shell.


Aquarium park 3

The Big Chaser attacking in Aquarium Park Act 4.

The Big Chaser is only encountered in Aquarium Park Act 4 and Terminal Velocity Act 1, specifically only during long-stretch running sections in the former, where it functions as a miniboss. Whenever it appears, the Big Chaser will move up behind Sonic and start pursuing him. While chasing Sonic, the Big Chaser will slowly catch up to him when Sonic is running normally. Should it get too close, it will try to punch Sonic. These punches can be avoided by jumping at the right time (except in Aquarium Park Act 4 where jumping is impossible during the section the Big Chaser appears in). Using the Boost allows the player to put a limited distance between the Big Chaser and Sonic, but only for as long the player Boosts. If the Big Chaser gets too far behind, it will instead fire lasers up along two of the three lanes on the path to hit Sonic. However, this attack can be avoided by Quick Stepping into the free lane.

When facing the Big Chaser, the player has no means of attacking it. The only option is thus to avoid it until the player leaves the chasing segment of the Act, upon where the Big Chaser will automatically leave or gets destroyed by a bedrock. An advisable strategy is to conserve the Wisp Gauge's energy for the Boost by only using it to temporarily move away from the Big Chaser's punching range.

Powers and abilities

The Big Chaser is capable of flight and can move fast enough to keep up with Sonic's regular speed. In addition to being capable of electrically charge its punches for greater effect, the Big Chaser is extremely durable as it can charge right through metal gates without slowing down; that said, it is not indestructible as it was destroyed by ramming into bedrock. It is also equipped with three laser cannons on its back.


  • The Big Chaser closely resembles the Interceptor in the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed. It punches when Sonic is close and shoots lasers along the lanes when he is farther away. Also similarly to the Interceptor, timed jumping and limited boosting are needed to dodge the Big Chaser's attacks.






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