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The Big Foot Type A[1] is an enemy that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a mass-produced GUN military fighter mech with bi-pedal locomotion derived from the F-6t Big Foot.


The Big Foot Type A is a newer version of the F-6t Big Foot. It is colored teal, yellow and red and is operated by a GUN Soldier.


The Big Foot Type A is the second-strongest standard enemy belonging to GUN that the player encounters in Shadow the Hedgehog, only second to the Big Foot Type B.


A Big Foot Type A in GUN Fortress.

In gameplay, the Big Foot Type A carries Gatling Guns, allowing it to shoot high-speed bullets that can travel great distances at Shadow. This enemy can be easily ignored since the player must be in a close range to it to make an attack, although this is not always the case. Like other enemies in the game, the Big Foot Type A automatically walks and attacks without spotting a target. Its walking range is limited though, being less than the Big Foot Type B. It can also fly, but very slowly.

A Big Foot Type A takes nine regular hits with the Homing Attack to be destroyed. It awards 500 points when destroyed and will drop its Gatling Gun as well. Damaging a Big Foot Type A will also fill up the Dark Gauge.

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