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The Big Gun is an obstacle that appears in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. It is a turret guard presents in many locations on the Egg Carrier and serves as the large vessel's self-defense.



The small types of Big Guns.

The Big Guns are turret guard which are found exclusively in large numbers in Sky Deck as Action Stage-exclusive obstacles.

The Big Gun comes primarily in two types. Some are small and can rapidly fire rounds of small blue laser shots from right to left, while others are slightly larger and can fire a green blast that unleashes a damaging shockwave when it hits the ground. When the player approaches them, the Big Guns will rise up from red capsules on the ground and begin shooting. However, they can easily be destroyed with the Homing Attack or the Light Speed Attack.

Besides the regular types, there is also a few colossal variants of the Big Gun. These Big Guns are so large that they count more as a part of the Action Stage's environment and they can fire enormous green laser blasts. They cannot be damaged by the player's attacks, but they can be destroyed by firing nearby Rockets at them.


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