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The Big Hammer Attack is a move performed by Amy Rose with the influence of Knuckles the Echidna and is a stronger variant of the Hammer Attack. It has only appeared in Sonic Advance 3.


The Big Hammer Attack can only be used when Amy has Knuckles as her partner. With Knuckles's influence, Amy's Hammer Attack is automatically transformed into the Big Hammer Attack.

When performing the Big Hammer Attack, Amy pulls out an oversized and massive version of Piko Piko Hammer and whacks the opponents in front with enough force to creates small tremors and break the metal barriers otherwise invulnerable to Amy's attacks. However, the Big Hammer Attack takes much longer to be executed than a regular Hammer Attack, which leaves Amy open and immobile for a brief moment. It is therefore not advisable to use the Big Hammer Attack when fighting several enemies at once.


  • The Hammer used in this move makes a brief appearance during Sonic's credit sequence in Sonic Rush as Sonic runs from Amy.

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