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For the character in Sonic X, see Bio Lizard. For the character in the Archie Comics, see Biolizard (Archie).
Biolizard Sonic Generations
The Biolizard in Sonic Generations
First appearance

Sonic Adventure 2

in other media
Real-world designer(s)

Sonic Team

Biographical overview

50+ (deceased)


Gerald Robotnik


Space Colony ARK


The Prototype of the Ultimate Life Form

Physical description

None (Referred to as male)


17.37 m (57 ft.)


Brown-Orange, black

Alignment and character traits


Powers and abilities
  • Chaos Powers
  • Regenerative healing factor
  • Enhanced neck
  • Enhanced tail
  • Energy projection
  • Asexual reproduction
  • Gravity manipulation
  • Virtual invulnerability
  • Finalhazard transformation
Moves and techniques

Chaos Control

The Biolizard (バイオリザード Baiorizādo?), also known as The Prototype of the Ultimate Life Form, is a character and semi-final boss that appears in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. He was the first prototype of the ultimate life form created by Gerald Robotnik during Project Shadow, but was far too dangerous and flawed. After the final version of the ultimate life form, Shadow the Hedgehog, was created, the Biolizard was encapsulated by GUN, but was later used by Gerald Robotnik as a part of his plan to destroy the earth to avenge his dead granddaughter, Maria Robotnik.


The Biolizard was a colossal and grotesque lizard-like beast, easily over two hundred feet long from the tip of its nose to end tip of its tail, about one hundred feet wide, and about sixty feet tall at the tallest point on its back. It had flame skin and a dark grey underbelly, and possessed a long neck, a pressed and almost round torso with gill-like flaps on the sides, and a medium-long and thick tail. It also had two somewhat shot and thick forelegs, each with three thick toes on a foot inextinguishable from the leg, while on its rear it had four short flippers instead of hind legs. Additionally, it possessed a large and pale toothless mouth with black lips and four yellow spikes on the lower jaw. On its neck, back, hinder quarters and tail, the Biolizard had yellow patches of skin.

The Biolizard had several robotic parts attached to its body. Its eyes were like gun-turrets and it had a large disk-shaped machinery with a red orb in the middle on its back which served as its life support system. It also had several cables on its back and a set of green cables on its jaw joints connecting with its life support system, along with a stump of green cable on its forehead. Additionally, it seemed to have vents near the foot of its neck.


Early life

The creation of the Biolizard was conceived when "Project Shadow" was launched by the President of the United Federation. This government project, led by Professor Gerald Robotnik, was intended to create an "ultimate life form" for humanity to research immortality with and create an "immortality formula" for war.[1][2] However, Gerald's motives for creating this creature, despite finding the research unethical, was to use the immortality research from the project to develop a cure for a fatal disease afflicting his granddaughter, Maria Robotnik.[3]

The Biolizard was created by Gerald onboard the Space Colony ARK as the first prototype for the ultimate life form and was made after the image of a lizard.[3] At 12:30 A.M. on the 27th of January, the Biolizard was successfully brought to life, with his eternal engine and Chaos Control-inducing organ working normally. However, because the measurements of the experiment were higher than expected, the Biolizard was moved to the Central Dome for further tests.[4]

As he grew, the Biolizard showed many of the researchers' desired traits, including regeneration, restoration, and self-reproduction, but he required a life support system fueled by Chaos Drives to sustain himself. Over time, the Biolizard proved too flawed. Besides having an unexpected and exponentially fast growth rate (growing to be 2,7m long and weighting 350 kg in just a couple of days) that strained his vital organs' control parts, he possessed a mind of a primitive animal, reacted violently to the Chaos Emerald's power, and was too weak to walk at that time. As such, it was required to keep him under observation. Over time, the Biolizard became unruly and hard to control, causing many problems onboard the ARK.[3][4] In the end, the Biolizard was abandoned when Gerald produced a more advanced being with Black Doom's DNA: Shadow the Hedgehog.

Eventually, the private information about the Biolizard's violence somehow leaked to GUN, supposedly by those on the ARK fearing him, which made the government deem Gerald's work a danger to humanity. When GUN invaded the ARK to eliminate everything related to Project Shadow, the Biolizard was found and encapsulated in the deepest part of the ARK.[3] He did not go down without a fight though, and he destroyed almost the entire group of GUN soldiers before being subdued. When Gerald later tried to destroy Earth to avenge Maria's death by having the ARK collide with the planet once the seven Chaos Emeralds were inserted in the Eclipse Cannon, the Biolizard was retrieved by Gerald and programmed to ensure the ARK would stay on its collision course, having anticipated the likelihood that someone might interfere with the Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic Adventure 2

Clash of the Ultimate Life Forms

The Biolizard facing Shadow.

In Sonic Adventure 2, the Biolizard had remained in suspended animation for over fifty years until Dr. Eggman initiated Gerald's program that sent the ARK falling towards Earth when trying to use the fully-charged Eclipse Cannon. When Sonic and Knuckles came to Cannon's Core to stop the ARK by deactivating the Chaos Emeralds, the Biolizard awakened and appeared in front of them, blocking their path to the Emeralds. However, Shadow then arrived to keep him at bay. Despite his best attempts, the Biolizard was defeated when Shadow managed to damage his life support system.

After Knuckles stopped the Chaos Emeralds, the Biolizard made a fast recovery and used Chaos Control to teleport outside of the ARK and fused with the space colony itself, becoming the Finalhazard, to keep it on its collision course. Shortly after, he fought both Super Sonic and Super Shadow, but was defeated and destroyed as the ARK entered the atmosphere.

Other game appearances

Shadow the Hedgehog

The Biolizard made an appearance in Shadow the Hedgehog, but only in one of Shadow's flashbacks, when he remembers his apparent death after defeating it.

Sonic Rivals 2

The Biolizard made an appearance in Sonic Rivals 2 as one of the collectible cards in the game.

Sonic Generations

Modern Sonic fights the Biolizard in the Cannon's Core in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations. The boss fight remains somewhat unchanged from his Sonic Adventure 2 appearance except done on a 2D plane. He also seems to have gotten stronger as at times, balls of light can appear in front of Sonic as he runs from the Biolizard's head or tail, which must be jumped or slid under. He also has a new tail slam attack and he chases Sonic as he tries to crush him with his tail.


Unlike Shadow, the Biolizard was more like a primitive animal, possessing a low intelligence and learning ability.[4] It was extremely unruly, reckless and hostile, causing so many troubles that the researchers onboard the ARK feared for their lives, and was as well hard to control.[3] Additionally, it was sensitive to temperature and humidity changes, and it would react violently when possessing the power of the Chaos Emeralds.[3]

Powers and abilities

As the prototype of the ultimate life form, which was aimed to have immortality, the Biolizard has the abilities attributed to the desired end-product, though the various experiments had severely weakened it, and it required a life support system to stay alive. It possessed a regenerative healing factor which let it restore itself quickly whenever it was injured and fully regenerate any lost limbs. It could as well asexually self-reproduce itself by creating pinks eggs seemingly out of nowhere.[3]

The surface of the Biolizard's skin was designed to absorb all outside attacks. With its life support system aiding it, the Biolizard's skin could withstand any impact to the point where attacks would just bounce off it, making it virtually invulnerable.[5] Additionally, the Biolizard was noted to possess a physically strong neck and tail.[4] While it was also not able to walk at one point, it was a very fast crawler, being able to nearly keep up with both Sonic and Shadow's running by crawling.

The Biolizard was capable of projecting energy balls, allowing it to spit out large and dark balls of energy from its mouth. It also had the ability to manipulate gravity, allowing it to either negate gravity or move and repulse objects in a manner similar to telekinesis. This would allow it to make the eggs it created levitate and turn them into projectiles by repulsing them at opponents and as well make opponents float helplessly in the air. The Biolizard was also capable of harnessing chaos energy from the Chaos Emeralds and could perform Chaos Powers such as Chaos Control (through a special organ) which let it warp both time and space.

The Biolizard's main weakness is its own flawed design. It relies heavily on the power of its life support system and should it be destroyed it would leave it vulnerable. It also appears to have low stamina as it quickly exhausted itself with its attacks.


Main article: Finalhazard

By merging with the Space Colony ARK at the tip of the Eclipse Cannon, the Biolizard can transform into the Finalizard. In this form, the Biolizard can harness the energies of both the ARK and the Chaos Emeralds, allowing it fight on par with both Super Sonic and Super Shadow. Additionally, it can fire energy beams, and its gravity manipulation is more refined. However because its life support system has been demolished, the harsh conditions of space are creating large boils all over its body, which are its new vulnerable points.


The Biolizard
Biolizard Title Screen
The Biolizard's title screen

Cannon's Core


A large experimental lizard-like being that attacks with biting, its tail, energy balls and eggs. For this boss, the player takes control of Shadow the Hedgehog. To defeat it, the player must attack the life support system on its back six times.

Next boss


The Biolizard is the penultimate boss of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and is fought with Shadow the Hedgehog directly after completing Cannon's Core in the Last story. The boss battle takes place on a toroid shaped field with the Biolizard in the center. Cutting the field in half is two streams of water, one closer to the artificial shrine of the Master Emerald and the other to the pool where Sonic’s section of Cannon's Core ended. While the former stream is harmless, the latter will cause Shadow to be swept into what functions as a bottomless pit almost immediately, unless the player jumps as soon as Shadow touches the water.

Boss guide

To defeat the Biolizard, the player must attack the life support system it carries on its back a total of six times, which can be reached with different means through the battle. Hitting the Biolizard's body with attacks such as the Homing Attack will cause Shadow to bounce off it, and sometimes even take damage.

Phase 1

When the Biolizard has taken no hits, it will chase after Shadow on the field by rotating on its axis. It will start by chomping at Shadow which will do damage and send him flying, but if the player moves too far away from its head, it will switch direction and try to whack Shadow with its tail. The player must there constantly keep the right distance from either threats. After about half a turn the Biolizard will tire out and stop to catch its breath. The pipe along its neck will then glow, indicating the player must then grind up it to reach the Biolizard's back and attack its life support system. Take too long to grind the pipe however and the Biolizard will recover and start the phase over.

Phase 2

When the Biolizard has taken one hit, it will chase after Shadow again the same way it did in Phase 1. When it stops moving however, it will start splitting out energy balls that will home in on Shadow, either from a high or low angle. The lows ones can be jumped over while the high ones can be slipped under using Somersault, though the player can also dodge them with very quick movements. Should Shadow get hit by one, the Biolizard will wait shortly before resuming its attack. After firing a total of eight energy balls, the Biolizard will tire out in the same manner as in Phase 1, allowing the player to grind up it and attack its life support system again. This pattern is repeated for the next hit.

Phase 3

When the Biolizard has taken three hits, it will chase after Shadow and then use its energy attack like it did in Phase 2. After finishing its energy attack however, the Biolizard will form several floating pink eggs around it and fire them at Shadow one by one. The player must use the Homing Attack on the eggs to bounce higher into the air, and once above the Biolizard the player can attack its life support system. Take too long however, and the egg will disappear and the Biolizard will repeat the phase. This pattern is repeated for the next hit as well.

Phase 4

When the Biolizard has taken five hits, it will rear up and form several eggs before starting to levitate both them and Shadow in a disc surface in the same plane of the life support system. During this phase, Shadow cannot attack, but the player can still move him around. The player must then move Shadow through the right-swirling eggs to the life support system while being continuously bombarded with flying eggs. Once Shadow touches the life support system, the Biolizard will be hit and slump down in defeat.


Sonic Adventure 2 Biolizard 1080 HD03:34

Sonic Adventure 2 Biolizard 1080 HD

Apperances in other media

Sonic X

Main article: Bio Lizard

The Bio Lizard in Sonic X.

The Biolizard also appears in the anime Sonic X, where it is named the Bio Lizard and its role parallels the one it plays in Sonic Adventure 2. Like in the games, it was created onboard by Professor Gerald, but was sealed away when the military shut down the ARK. Gerald later retrieved it and made it a part of his plan to destroy Earth to avenge Maria's death.

When Gerald's doomsday plans was put into motion by having the Space Colony ARK collide with Earth, the Bio Lizard tried to stop Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies from preventing the plan's completion, but was destroyed by Super Sonic and Super Shadow.

Archie Comics

Main article: Biolizard (Archie)
Biolizard Archie

The Biolizard in the Archie Comics.

The Biolizard also appeared in the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog and its spin-off comic book series following the Sonic Adventure 2 comic adaption. However it was not until Sonic Universe #2, which retold the story, that the Biolizard made a physical appearance.

Like in the games, the Biolizard was created by Professor Gerald, but was later used by Gerald as a part of his plan to destroy Mobius to avenge Maria's death. When Sonic and Shadow tried to foil Gerald's plans, the Biolizard attempted to make the Space Colony ARK collide with the planet, but was defeated by Super Sonic and Super Shadow.

Theme songs


  • It is often assumed that the Biolizard is female (due to the eggs), but this is unlikely because, additionally, the Omochao that appears refers to the Biolizard as a "he". The misconception is due to the fact that it appears to reproduce asexually. However asexual reproduction is largely done by species without clear gender differences and in the case of the Biolizard it is most likely that it is hermaphroditic.
  • The Biolizard was likely just an example of Gerald's work before Black Doom assisted him, and thus is of little interest to the Black Arms and was not stable because he did not have Black Doom's DNA.
    • It should be noted that after Black Doom transforms into Devil Doom, he has an identical cry to that of Biolizard. Several other Black Arms have similar cries. Also, the Black Annelids, Black Worms, and Death Leeches, have a skin texture very similar to the Biolizard's. This presents the possibility of the Biolizard actually being a Black Arms experiment, but it was simply unsuccessful. As it turns out, Devil Doom and Biolizard's cry is just a reused version of Perfect Chaos' cry.
  • When Biolizard summons the pink spheres and later levitates Shadow, the roar used is the same roar used for Perfect Chaos in Sonic Adventure, but with a different pitch. In the 3DS version of Sonic Generations, Biolizard 's roar is now reused from Dark Gaia Phoenix's from Sonic Unleashed.
  • The Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2 had glitches in the game that led to unavoidable deaths when fighting the Biolizard (such as landing in the water as opposed to on the platform).
  • When playing the Dragon Slayer mission in Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic sometimes mentions the Biolizard. The Earth Dragon, in fact, may be the Arthurian version of the Biolizard due to being so similar in body type, having the same neck, and even a similar roar.
  • When the Biolizard becomes FinalHazard, it loses some limbs like a missing arm, which might have been caused from its fight with Shadow or when attaching itself to the Eclipse Cannon.
  • In Sonic X and Archie comics, the Biolizard appears to have back legs, while in Sonic Adventure 2, it has two flipper like appendages located in front of its tail.
  • After defeating the Biolizard in Sonic Generations (3DS), the following cutscene shows Sonic saying he fought it before. Technically, he did not fight the Biolizard in its normal form (it was fought by Shadow) but he did fight it when it transformed into the Finalhazard.


Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Generations


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Sonic Adventure 2

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