Biolizard is the second boss in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations. Here, Modern Sonic fights the Biolizard, the boss of the Dreamcast Era, who made its debut in Sonic Adventure 2.

Attack pattern

The Biolizard uses all of his attacks that he had on the original fight, however they seem to be stronger this time. He also has a new tail slam attack and can now throw energy balls out of his tail too.

After some hits, the pink bubbles will appear. Once this happens, Sonic must bounce on them to reach Biolizard's weak point. After the seventh hit, Biolizard will make a louder scream and make a path of bubbles appear. Float through the path without getting hit to reach the Biolizard's weak point once more, thus knocking him out, dealing the final blow and making him collapse.

After eight hits, the Biolizard is defeated.


  • 1-Ring Boss: Defeat Biolizard in 9:59.99 with 1 Ring!


  • Just like Radical Highway, Sonic never battled the boss.
    • However, Sonic did fight this boss when it was the Finalhazard.
  • This is the only boss in the Nintendo 3DS version of the game not created by Dr. Eggman. However, it was created by Eggman's grandfather, Gerald Robotnik.
  • Similar to the Big Arm/Death Egg Robot comparison, the Biolizard can take twice the amount of hits that its Console counterpart, Perfect Chaos can.
  • The Biolizard's screams when attacked are re-used from Sonic Unleashed boss Dark Gaia Phoenix.
  • Biolizard has received a health boost in its Sonic Generations incarnation. In this incarnation, it takes eight hits from Sonic before it is defeated, whereas in Sonic Adventure 2, it took six hits from Shadow before it went down.
  • In Sonic Adventure 2, the area where the boss fight took place originally had two breaks in the circle that the player had to jump over. These are absent in Sonic Generations.



Sonic Generations 3DS - Biolizard04:14

Sonic Generations 3DS - Biolizard

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