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Shadow fighting a Black Assassin.

Black Assassins (ブラックアサシン Burakku Asashin?) are enemies that appear exclusively in Shadow the Hedgehog. They only appear in the Black Comet, Final Haunt and The Last Way stages, all which are the major bases of the Black Arms in the game. They look like armored Black Warriors, but they can withstand many attacks and have the ability to disappear and reappear at will, almost like they are using Warp Holes. They are all armed with Refractors.


Black Assassins are powerful Black Arms that have the ability to teleport, and are usually seen on air saucers. They have rhino like heads and golden armor, suggesting they have high standards. Black Doom says that they are easy to contain, meaning that it is easy to control them. They usually disappear shortly after being attacked.


  • In Sonic Universe Issue 59 they appeared using Black Swords, while in the game, they use the Refractors only.


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