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Black Comet
Black Comet535
The Black Comet
Appearances and Overview
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Shadow the Hedgehog
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Space theme

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Iron Jungle
Air Fleet

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Egg Dealer

Black Comet is a stage in Shadow the Hedgehog and the home of the Black Arms and their leader Black Doom. It takes place near the center of the Black Comet.

Black Comet is one of five sixth stages and can be reached by completing the Normal mission of The ARK, the Normal mission of Air Fleet, or the Dark mission of Iron Jungle.

Keys locations

  1. When you begin the stage, take the route that leads you to the GUN Beetles. Before jumping onto the second air saucer, destroy the alien substance to the left behind the GUN Beetle to find the key.
  2. Get on the air saucer after the second Checkpoint, and navigate to the rear of the area where the key is hidden.
  3. Look to your left after going through the big blue door following the large grinding section.
  4. The key is on the path just before you drop down to the bottom level following the Seventh Checkpoint.
  5. Use the air saucer to navigate the black ooze near the Chaos Emerald, and you will find the final key.


So far, the Black Arms have been winning the war against the humans and the Sonic heroes. However, G.U.N. has given Earth hope by launching a counterattack on the Black Comet and Black Doom is scrambling for reinforcements, so much so that he has called back Shadow and some of his army to fight off G.U.N. forces.



Exterminate the G.U.N. forces!

  • Guide: Doom's Eye
  • Objective: Defeat the 50 G.U.N. soldiers.
  • Tips: At each checkpoint, the player should have these many G.U.N. soldiers defeated:
    • Checkpoint 2: 06/50
    • Checkpoint 3: 09/50
    • Checkpoint 4: 10/50
    • Checkpoint 5: 20/50
    • Checkpoint 6: 34/50
    • Checkpoint 7: 44/50

The player will need to kill some Black Assassin soldiers in some places in order to advance.


A ≥ 28,000 points
B 24,000 points
C 18,000 points
D 8,000 points
E < 8,000 points

Leads to: Sonic & Diablon


There is no Normal mission for Black Comet.


Find the center of the Black Comet!

  • Guide: Knuckles
  • Objective: Reach the Goal Ring.
  • Tips: After the sixth checkpoint, grind down the red vine and jump down next to the second torch for a shortcut.


A ≥ 18,000 points
B 14,000 points
C 10,000 points
D 5,000 points
E < 5,000 points

Leads to: Egg Dealer

Behind the Secret Door

Behind the door lies a spring that takes the player to the upper level of the "block", where there is a turret and a Shadow crate. The turret is normally used to take out the Black Arms' UFO.


  • The BGM for this stage is a remix of the BGM in the Prison Island stage. but sounds smoother and jazz-esque.
  • Many parts of this stage are identical to Final Haunt, only flooded with toxic liquid. For example, the first room in the stage is the same room where Shadow first finds the Egg Vacuum in Final Haunt.

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