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A Black Warrior.

Black Warriors (ブラックウォーリアー Burakkuu~ōriā?) are soldiers from the Black Arms alien species, appearing in Shadow the Hedgehog as enemies. 


Black Warriors are roughly human-sized aliens with the Black Arms color palette of red and black and menacing yellow eyes. They are primarily foot soldiers that can wield a variety of Black Arms weaponry, from shields to lasers.

Game Appearances 

Shadow the Hedgehog

Art 3520 id 1 mw 520

Shadow confronting two Black Warriors

Black Warriors are the most common Black Arms enemies in the game. Along with using a varied set of weapons, unarmed Black Warriors get in close on Shadow and slash at him with their sharp claws.

Sonic Rivals

Along with other members of the Black Arms, a Black Warrior appears only on a collectible card in Sonic Rivals.



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