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Black Wisp
Black Bomb v2
A Black Wisp
First appearance

Sonic Lost World
(Wii U version)

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Alignment and character traits


Powers and abilities

The Black Wisp is a type of Wisp that is exclusive to the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World. They grant Sonic the Black Bomb Color Power.

Unlike other Wisps, the Black Wisp are only available in the game by obtaining it from the Miiverse. It can also be rewarded to the player by completing the exclusive NiGHTMARE DLC content, which is available in Deadly Six (Bonus) Edition or the Yoshi's Island Zone DLC of Sonic Lost World.


The Black Wisps have a red jagged mouth-like recess stretching across their head. Stemming from the bottom of their head, they have three round tentacles with a slight rounded point at the end of them. They also appear to have two round and puffed cheeks on the sides of their head.

Powers and abilities

As Wisps, the Black Wisps are able to levitate in midair at will, which serve as their main method for movement.

The Black Wisps are able to generate and store their own unique variant of a powerful energy known as Hyper-go-on inside their own bodies, which is their life source. It is unclear to what extent they can use their own Hyper-go-on.

The Black Wisps are able to phase into the body of other beings and lend their Hyper-go-on to the being in question. In Sonic's case, when using a Black Wisp's Hyper-go-on, it transforms him into the Black Bomb, which allows him to induce large explosions.


  • The Black Wisps share some similarities with the Purple Wisps and Violet Wisps from Sonic Colors, as they are dark-shaded colors and have jagged mouths as opposed to eyes. Any connection between the Black Wisps and Nega-Wisps is unknown. 


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