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The Black Worm[1] is a breed of Black Arms and one of Black Doom's servants. They are enhanced versions of the Sand Worms that can handle themselves in any environment. They first appeared in Mad Matrix, and then appeared in the Stages inside the Black Comet (except Final Haunt).


The Black Worm has solid dark black skin with thorns on the surface, especially near the head. Its face has a wide purple mouth with some eye-like growths that it breathes and launch worm bullets from. Its body is highly flexible which allows it to burrow and pull its muscles.


The Black Worm has more durable skin than the Sand Worm. As such, it can live and burrow through the material of the Black Comet and even reside in fatal toxins. It is also equipped with a Wide Worm Shooter that locks on enemy and deals a massive explosion with its enhanced bullets. Like the Sand Worm, excluding head, its skin is designed to absorb attack, meaning that no guns or Homing Attacks can injure the majority of its body. It takes five-to-six hits to destroy a Black Worm with both Homing Attack and standard bullets.

After the battle with Devil Doom and the Black Comet's destruction, the Black Worms are presumably extinct.


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