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Sonic the Hedgehog
Blast to the Past, Part 1

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"Blast to the Past, Part 1" is the seventeenth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It was written by Ben Hurst and was first aired on 1 October 1994.




The episode starts with an eerie picture of Robotropolis, followed by the the entrance of Sonic, Sally, and two other Freedom Fighters. Sonic and Sally have a quick chat about the plan, and Sonic rushes over to two Robots and gives them the usual sarcastic remark. He then drives them away from the Freedom fighters. They then proceed in, according to Sally's plan, and a power surge follows. Soon after, through binoculars Sonic and Sally see that the others have been captured. Sonic tries to rush after them, but it was to late. When they return to Knothole, they argue about "whose fault it is" Sally insists that it was her fault, but Sonic objects. They then state they wish they could could go back in time to beat Robotnik earlier in time. Sonic remembers about a palace in the sky (which looks similar to Angel Island) that granted stones that could time travel. Sally denies this, but Sonic and Dulcy insist. With the aid of Dulcy, they head to the floating island in hopes of finding this palace. When they get there, they fight off two stone gargoyles. Sonic decides to jump off the island as an escape plan, and they both scream for help.

Dulcy hears Sonic and rescues them. However, Dulcy's poor landing skills tosses them into the palace. When they look around, they see a room with stairs constantly changing directions. They are then sucked into a room where The Keeper Of The Time Stones asks them a riddle. It is confusing, but Sally figures it out. The Keeper then gives them the Time Stones to go back in time and tells them to "synchronize your thoughts." Sally tells Sonic to focus on "Palace Fountain, 3224." However, Sonic wanders in thought for a moment about Chili dogs, but they still successfully arrive in Mobotropolis. They then see their younger selves (though not making any interaction). They then head to Sir Charles' laboratory, where they then meet their younger selves and call themselves by different names (Juice for Sonic and Alicia for Sally). They also figure out it was Sir Charles who invented the Roboticizer, and tell him about the takeover. He states that was intended to help old people live longer, but it failed, and Robotnik stole it. They then realize the date is earlier then expected meaning today is the day the takeover starts. They leave the kids with Rosie and tell her to leave to Knothole if anything happens.

Later, Young Sonic gets bored and decides to convince the other children to come to investigate. While they are looking, they get captured by Robots and are forced to surrender. Sonic and Sally go to see Sally's father, who recognizes her as her royal daughter. They tell him that Robotnik was going to take over today, but just as soon a huge blimp-like craft takes out the walls, while Robotnik evilly proclaims the kingdom his and laughs.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Russian Рывок в прошлое, часть первая Dash to the past, part one