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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
Blaze the Cat
Blaze the Cat Archie

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog
Archie Sonic Universe

First Appearance

Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 160

Latest Appearance

Archie Sonic Universe Issue 58

Total Number of Appearances



Otherworldly Princess (Caption)
Princess (used by Shadow, Rouge)


High jump height
Can move at high speeds

Blaze the Cat is a lavender, female Mobian cat and a princess from the Sol Zone. Blaze's first encounter with Sonic the Hedgehog was when he found her in captivity after she was captured by a group of SWATbots outside of Knothole. At first hostile to the "Blue One", Blaze eventually realized Sonic meant her no harm after their brief battle ended and he offered his friendship. Blaze vanished soon after, promising to haunt Sonic's dreams as he'd haunted hers. She later assisted Sonic, Tails and Marine in battling Captain Whisker, Johnny and Dr. Eggman Nega to retrieve a Chaos Emerald. In her next encounter with someone from Mobius Prime, she worked with Shadow and Marine to defeat Metal Sonic. She exists in both the Pre-and Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline.


Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Search for the "Blue One"

After being plagued by constant dreams about a mysterious "Blue One" that could save her Sol Emeralds from danger, Blaze came to Mobius Prime to seek out Sonic. While exploring just outside of Knothole, Blaze was intercepted by a group of patrolling SWATbots. Although she fought valiantly, Blaze was eventually subdued by the group and taken to one of Dr. Eggman's research bases. The robotic "doctors" found that their scans showed Blaze to not be from this dimension. Blaze awoke soon after and destroyed the bots as well as a part of the facility. There she finally encountered Sonic, who had arrived to rescue her. (StH: #160)

Hoping to make sure that the person before her was truly the one from her dreams, Blaze engaged Sonic in combat. While proving her combat skills and proving a challenge for Sonic, she ultimately lost when Sonic created a vortex around her, preventing oxygen from reaching her to put out her flames. When she began to run out of breath, Sonic stopped and offered his help. Blaze then informed him that she had been looking for him, only to vanish in a blaze of fire, saying she would "haunt your dreams the way you have haunted mine!", leaving Sonic confused. (StH: #161)

Quest for the Chaos Emerald

Some time later, both Sonic and Tails ended up in Blaze's zone. After the green Chaos Emerald was stolen from Marine by the robot Johnny, the three met up with Blaze and began their pursuit. As they traveled together, Blaze eventually abandoned her original opinion about Sonic and came to have great respect for him. Following whatever clues they had, the four eventually located Johnny, Captain Whiskers and the mastermind behind the theft, Dr. Eggman Nega. After battling them, the four heroes retrieved the green Chaos Emerald. Sonic allowed Blaze to keep it as it would help her to locate the missing Sol Emeralds. Blaze and Marine thanked Sonic and Tails before they used a ship Tails constructed to return to Mobius Prime. (StH:#180, SU: #1)

Meeting with Shadow

Some time later, Blaze and Marine discovered the nearly-drowning Shadow in the ocean while on board Marine's ship, the Ocean Tornado. Bringing him on board, Blaze explained to Shadow her encounters with Sonic, with Marine interrupting and finishing the story. Traveling to Southern Island, Blaze was horrified to see the town under attack by Metal Sonic, which had followed Shadow to their universe. Blaze violently attacked the robot, but her attacks failed to do any damage. Shadow and Marine joined the frey, though still had difficulty fighting the machine. After Shadow failed to convince Metal Sonic to go against Eggman, Blaze used her fire attack and weakened the machine, allowing Shadow to spin dash it into the sky, where Marine used the Ocean Tornado's cannons to destroy Metal Sonic for good. After the fires around the town were put out, Blaze offered Shadow the green Chaos Emerald, saying "thanks to Sonic's generosity, I've found a few of the Sol Emeralds. They'll serve for the rest of my search. Now I can return the favor by helping one of his friends find his way home." She then wished Shadow safe travels home, and the Ultimate Life form teleported back to Mobius Prime. (SU: #1)

Sol Searching

Having found the grey Sol Emerald thanks to Sonic's help, Blaze once again arrived on Mobius in search of the others. Not far from the ruins of Knothole she ran into Amy Rose (Archie) and Cream the Rabbit, who were investigating a mysterious energy signal and had spotted something shiny. Thinking the two might be after a Sol Emerald, Blaze attempted to warn them away with a plume of fire. However, this only flared Amy's temper, and she and Blaze ended up fighting despite Cream's protests. Eventually, the young rabbit pointed out that the shiny object was nothing more than a broken glass bottle. Humiliated to have been "fighting over garbage," Blaze apologized and attempted to leave; however, seeing that she needed help and realizing that she knew Sonic, Amy and Cream offered to assist her. Blaze was somewhat dubious, especially given how only moments ago they had been fighting, but she joined them in searching the Great Forest. Blaze continued to be distrustful of her new companions, especially after Rouge the Bat showed up, also following the energy signal. The group eventually made its way to a deep ravine; Rouge offered to fly down alone to recover what was likely the Emerald, sparing the others any danger, but Blaze insisted on retrieving it herself. Without missing a beat, Rouge offered instead to fly her down. When a large branch from a brittle tree fell and threatened to strike them all, Blaze and Rouge pulled off some impressive teamwork and destroyed it before it could hit. Rouge complimented Blaze on her skill but addressed her as "princess," causing Blaze to question how Rouge had come across this information. Rouge merely replied that she had her sources and ignored further questions, instead following the energy signal. The girls soon found the emerald within a large cluster of roots. Blaze, elated to have found another emerald, thanked the group for their help and apologized for being so distrustful. However, Rouge then announced that she planned to take the emerald for herself, causing an enraged Blaze to berate herself for trusting any of them to begin with. She was therefore surprised when Amy and Cream came to her side and attempted to stop Rouge, demanding she hand the emerald to Blaze. Rouge tried to fight them off and nearly escaped before Blaze cut her path off with a wall of flame. However, Rouge smugly refused to return the emerald as her backup arrived in the form of Shadow the Hedgehog and E-123 Omega. (SU: #21)

The enraged princess icily asked her ally why he was against her, and got a bad response. She then defended her teammates from E-123 Omega and his barrage of missiles. While he and Rouge stood dumbfounded and Shadow yelled at them, Blaze charged up and unleashed a stream of fire at the unsuspecting robot, utterly petrifying the hedgehog and bat. Soon, everyone was scrambling for the Emerald, and during the scuffle Cheese, Cream's Chao, managed to escape with it into the woods. Rouge attempted to steal Blaze's gray Sol Emerald instead, but when Shadow tried to use it for Chaos Control, it exploded in a fiery wave. Taking the Emerald back, the girls fled to catch up with Cheese. Later, the girls ran afoul of Team Hooligan, who kidnapped Cream and stole the Sol Emerald, but Blaze stopped them saving Cream. However, a singed and angry Team Dark finally caught up to them and viciously attacked Amy and Blaze, capturing both while Nack the Weasel and his team fled with the Emerald. Blaze, growing more desperate as her world was at stake, refused to give up despite her injuries, and Shadow attempted to placate her for her own sake. However, still feeling betrayed, she threw flames in his face, saying that she would not let anyone stop her from recovering the Sol Emerald. (SU: #22)

As it was realized that Team Hooligan was now escaping with the Emerald, Amy proposed that they work together to catch up, rather than continue fighting and lose the trail. Eventually, they decided to travel via Shadow's bike (provided by G.U.N.), while Blaze ran ahead to burn clear terrain for it to travel upon. Eventually, Shadow approached her, wanting to explain his actions, but Blaze remained cold towards him. When he said that his mission had to come first, and that if he had to fight her, he would do so without hesitation, she snapped back at him, asking why he was trying so hard to apologize. As he looked doubtful, she left him behind. However, she was eventually brought to her knees by sudden pain; something had happened to the Sol Emerald, though it also allowed her to pinpoint its location. After Amy and Shadow helped her up, Amy ordered Shadow to carry Blaze as they continued on, which resulted in some awkwardness between the two. The two groups eventually caught up to Team Hooligan, only to find them now fighting the Babylon Rogues for the Emerald. (SU: #23)

Blaze and Amy weren't surprised when Rouge betrayed them yet again, and a four-way battle for the Sol Emerald erupted. Soon after the scuffle had started, Blaze created a wall of flame to shield herself, Amy and Cream, apologizing to the girls for dragging them into this mess. She told them to get themselves to safety, but they both insisted on helping her. Thanking them, Blaze and the others rejoined the battle, with Amy attempting to convince Shadow to their side. Eventually, Blaze recovered the Emerald for a time, and when Bean the Dynamite threw a bomb her way, she simply used her pyrokinesis to halt the flame on the bomb's fuse. Realizing the battle was pointless at this rate, Amy again convinced Rouge to work with them, and the two groups corralled the members of Teams Hooligan and Babylon. Blaze then re-ignited Bean's bomb, causing it to explode on them. Having had enough (Nack himself was knocked unconscious), they all retreated, leaving Blaze with the Emerald. Rouge once again tried to take it, but Shadow forced her to back off, saying that G.U.N. owed Blaze a favor and that the safety of her world was more important than their mission. While not happy, Rouge complied, and the two teams bid farewell. Watching them go, Blaze remarked that Shadow wasn't so bad in the end. She shook Amy's hand, commending her on her bravery, and gave Cream a hug good-bye. Then, using the power of the gray and cyan Emeralds, she disappeared in a towering swirl of flame, returning home. (SU: #24)

Trouble on Two Worlds

Due to Eggman and Wily rewriting the history of Sonic's world, Blaze's history in Sonic's world (and the memories of her as remembered from other people there) was changed to be nearly identical to that of her game counterpart's.

As Blaze finally could have a quiet day at sea with Marine, she saw a flash of light (possibly a Warp Ring), and was presumably knocked out and abducted by Copy Robot, who brought Blaze to the Skull Egg Zone to be roboticized into the Roboticized Master Blaze Woman, and Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily sent her and her teammates to kill Sonic and Mega Man. (WC: #5, #6, #7, SU: #55)

So on, Blaze Woman and her teammates pursued after Proto Man while the Roboticized Chaotix fought Sonic, Tails, Mega Man and Rush. After the Chaotix were restored back to their original forms, both Blaze Woman and Silver Man were sent back to the Wily Egg as a precautionary measure. (WC: #6)

After Shadow and Silver were restored back to normal, Blaze Woman was seen attacking Sonic. She was paralyzed by Silver's psychokinesis and was restored back to her original form by Mega Man. Blaze implied that she would have liked to join Sonic and Mega Man on their hunt, but she and Silver were too tired. Sonic told her and Silver to meet them at that weird-shaped tree once they saved Amy and Knuckles after the latter said that he'd look after her. (WC: #7)

Blaze and Sonic's other friends regrouped and traveled to the area where the Wily Egg hovered from, to fight the biggest army of Robot Masters that ever existed. During the fight, Blaze then was surrounded by Heat Man, Pharaoh Man, Magma Man, Flame Man, Solar Man, and Burner Man, but she quickly destroyed the robots. Later, she was attacked when fighting Pump Man. (WC: #9, #10)

Eventually, she and her allies were surrounded by the enemy army, but continued to fight their hardest. Help arrived in the form of the Light Labs Robot Masters, and the battle continued until all the combatants were caught up in the reality altering effects of first the Super Genesis Wave and then Super Sonic's use of Chaos Control that sent Blaze-and four other members from the Prime Zone-to her world. (WC: #12, SU: #55)

Post-Super Genesis Wave

Problems with Pirates

After heading back to her world, Blaze has finally found the last Sol Emerald, but it is in the hands of Captain Metal. Blaze goes alone despite Amy's warnings saying that she can't do this herself. However, Blaze runs into Bean, and thought he was a prisoner aboard Captain Metal's ship, the Metal Marauder alongside Bark. After realizing that Bean was in league with the pirates, Blaze was infuriated and attacks them, but encounters Captain Metal. After seeing her friends aboard the Ocean Tornado being blown up, Blaze ends up infuriated and threatens to burn Captain Metal if he doesn't hand the Sol Emerald, which he refuses, but the princess is knocked out cold from behind by Buckle with Captain Metal saying that he has plans for the Sol Emeralds and the other six and Blaze herself(SU#55).


Normally cool and collected, Blaze gives the impression that she keeps a tight lid on her emotions, but this may not be her true nature. Despite her calm appearance she can lose her temper easily and, when does, she's quite scary to be around. While she may at times be tense, she usually remains at least polite; however, she tends to be distrustful of others, especially when the safety of the Sol Emeralds is involved. She dislikes being referred to by her title of "princess" and prefers just being called Blaze.

Blaze is usually grimly serious in her actions and often speaks her mind bluntly, but after having traveled with Sonic the Hedgehog during their search for the Chaos Emerald, she has softened up somewhat.

Despite disliking having to rely on others from time to time, Blaze can feel grateful to those who have helped her and will do what she can in whatever way to fulfill the debt. Blaze is very dedicated to her duty as a princess, and does whatever she can to protect her people from outside threats. She also has a fondness of Marine the Raccoon, seeing how she means well, though often has her patience tried by her.

Just like her game counterpart, Blaze has a fear of heights.


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