• Konnichiku

    Mobius Redrawn!

    February 25, 2018 by Konnichiku

    Hi, all! It's me, Konnichiku! Anyway, I'm making my own Sonic headcanon over on the fanon wiki entitled Mobius Redrawn. I've actually been doing this for 3 years now. It's based on all my ideas old and new, so there're DiC and Archie characters as well as ones I completely made up. Some concepts might not sit well with some of you, such as Shadow being evil, but it's what appeals to me that matters the most. I plan to adapt all the Sonic games into movie-length episodes called "arcs." Yes, even the cancelled games. I gathered some voice actors on CastingCallClub to play the core characters but I still need some more, and animators! THAT'S RIGHT, ANIMATORS! Sadly, it's free. I can't pay as I'm only fifteen and I don't get an allowance. And …

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    See part 1 on the Steam Wiki if you haven't!

    Steam Dimensions is inspired by Lego Dimensions.

    After clearing "Green Hill Zone act 1" (and the bonus area, of course) Sonic and Tails got the first Chaos Emerald. But then, "Green Hill Zone act 2" was over-filled with Badniks.

    Sonic: This doesn't look too bad, right Tails...? Tails?

    Only to notice that Tails is getting sucked up by a rift! Along with the Chaos Emerald!

    Tails: SONIC!!!

    Sonic immediately went straight to the rift, at the speed of sound.

    Dr. Eggman: Aww... I had it prepared!

    Continued at Undertale AU Wiki.

    Episode 1 - The Foundation Altar

    Episode 2 - Chaos Emerald Snatched!

    Episode 3 - The Spaghetti Festival

    Episode 4 - Inkwell Dance-Off!

    Episode 5 - The Portal

    Episode 6 - Prop Mayhem!

    Episode …

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  • WaterKirby1994

    I'm hoping that after Mania, Whitehead's Team creates their own 2nd Trilogy of games which could lead into an alternate Dreamcast Era by 2023. Maybe this timeline could have Eggman awaken Shadow before his plan relating to Chaos, as well as other huge differences? Perhaps Cream will play a role against Chaos? Such as having Chaos not attack her for an emerald because she reminds him of Tikal with her close friendship with Cheese. Maybe Emerl could survive in this timeline & have some role in the struggle against the Black Arms?

    Do you guys have any hopes for the Classic Timeline?

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  • LouisEugenioJR

    Hey peeps.  I'm sure you'll all heard about Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers through The Sonic Stadium in recent weeks, and that a Kickstarter was going on.  So, I figured I'd share my first impressions on it.

    Right off the bat, it does like a pretty interesting board game, and the fact that it can't be the same game twice, it somewhat reminds me of the old Parker Brothers board game Bonkers.  For 2-5 players, it does look as though it'll provide hours of fun.  I might look into getting myself a copy at some point in the future.

    There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  Feel free to drop a comment below.

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  • Ilovejamaa74

    Since I can't upload fan art on the forums...

    Don't question it's beauty.

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  • LouisEugenioJR

    Hey everyone.  I wanted to share my thoughts on Sonic Forces: Speed Battle for mobile devices.

    Right off the bat, this is definitely a fun runner.  Not as fun as Sonic Dash, but fun nevertheless.  However, the only gripe I do have about it is there's no artificial intelligence meaning you have to race against human players.  The power-ups do give a feel you'd get from kart racers like Sonic Drift.  The chests offer a random assortment of awards ranging from rings to Red Star Rings to character cards.

    Overall, I'd say Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is all right.  It's not the best mobile app on the market, but it is pretty enjoyable.

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  • IndogamersPro

    I have found two videogame music from the late 80s that sounds similar to one of Sonic the Hedgehog series ingame soundtrack. Both of them were computer games. Not PC games but home computer games which often uncompatible with IBM PCs.

    The NewZealand Story (ニュージーランドストーリー Nyū Jīrando Sutōrī) is a 1988 arcade game developed and published by Taito. The player controls Tiki (ティキ), a kiwi who must save his lover Phee Phee (ピューピュー) and several of his other kiwi chick friends who have been kidnapped by a large blue leopard seal. The player has to navigate a scrolling maze-like level, at the end of which they release one of Tiki's kiwi chick friends trapped in a cage.

    After the release of the original arcade game in 1988, the game was converted to m…

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  • Sontails4life

    Im new to the wiki

    February 7, 2018 by Sontails4life

    im new 

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  • ShitLegendaryArmour

    This sucks

    February 7, 2018 by ShitLegendaryArmour

    Man the "editor" for this the new one is garbage on IOS I don't know why Capital "o"s get turned into zeros but they do. Anyway I was gonna add some quotes to the Silver page I had all the link she and advanced stuff good but as I was scrolling up and down to check my work my finger apparently touched the refresh button which it didn't and I wasn repeatedly taken to the top of the page

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  • NoahAlexanderJohnson101

    This took place before all of Sonic Forces began and just before the end of Sonic Mania. I still wish Maria Robotnik would still come back, so I just had to add this story.

    • Amy Rose/Classic Amy Rose - Cindy Robinson, Jennifer Douillard , Lisa Ortiz
    • Chip - Tony Salerno
    • Doctor Eggman and Gerald Robotnik - Mike Pollock
    • Maria Robotnik - Jennifer Hale
    • Metal Sonic - Roger Craig Smith
    • Narrator - Jennifer Hale
    • Rouge the Bat - Karen Strassman, Lani Minella
    • Shadow the Hedgehog - Kirk Thornton, David Humphrey
    • Silver the Hedgehog - Quinton Flynn, Pete Capella
    • Sonic the Hedgehog/Classic Sonic/Werehog - Roger Craig Smith, Jason Griffith
    • Infinite - Liam O'Brien
    • Jackal Squad Soldiers - Additional voices

    • Supporting Me - Maria Robotnik's theme
    • My Sweet Passion - Amy Rose…

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