• NotLessOrEqual

    On July 19th, Archie Comics Publishing, the Publisher of the Guinness World Record holder for the longest comic-book series based on a video game 'Sonic the Hedgehog' announced the cancellation of the series after more than 20 years and 290 issues due to a combination of licensing, lawsuit and financial reasons. 

    Please take a moment to visit this page, pay your respects and remember, thank you for your time. 

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  • SpyroGuy

    Booyah! It is I, the mighty SpyroGuy, existing in this particular piece of virtual space to inform you of nothing amazingly noteworthy. This post exists for the sole reason of eliminating one of the kinda annoying badge offerings that I'm kinda forced to stare at whenever I'm checking my personal profile and since I suppose that the aforementioned intention is now accomplished, I shall bring an end to my typing process right here, but not before putting a very well defined dot to the end of this very sentence.

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  • Migrannoche09

    The game is Sonic the Hedgehog (2019).

    • The first time Shadow the Hedgehog is blue.
    • The first time Dr. Eggman is playable since the first game Sonic the Hedgehog (1991).
    • The first time Vanilla the Rabbit is playable.
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  • Toolmak8


    July 13, 2018 by Toolmak8

    All those metal morons have been a disappointment since day one!

    Not us you idiot!

    You nincombot!

    Yes, you dumbbots!

    Well, if it isn't the Bungling Brothers' Burnout and Bailing Circus!

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  • RussianOlympian101

    They release sonic forces. It was good but not to the point of a good sonic 3D game. So when will they make a good Sonic 3D game?

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  • LouisEugenioJR

    Hey everyone.  I want to share my thoughts on Team Sonic Racing.

    Right off the bat, it definitely looks like it's going to be a promising racer.  The ability to have 3 characters racing as a team makes it unique for a genre dominated by solo game play.  The roster looks promising as well; I honestly didn't see Chao being playable.  I definitely look forward to seeing more info about Team Sonic Racing being announced and I definitely look forward to playing it this holiday season.

    That's it for this blog.  Keep it locked for more.

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  • WaterKirby1994

    Ok this has been a question, I'm curious how the fans here all view Nintendo? I know that Sonic was created for the sole purpose of competing with Nintendo back in the day. Sonic Games are what sold the Genesis so that it could compete against the SNES. The entry of Sony & Microsoft to the Console Wars combined with the flop of the Sega Saturn in the States, it's understandable why Sega left the console market right?

    The Partnership of Sega & Nintendo resulted in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle being a best seller on the Gamecube. Games were produced like Mega Collection & Gems Collection to increase Sonic's fanbase & give the new fans means to enjoy Sonic's past. Tons of good came out of Sega partnering with Nintendo right? There's some belief th…

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  • Chorus Kids


    June 28, 2018 by Chorus Kids

    A type of template from the BFDI wiki is coming here!

    One is coming very soon, and you can make your own!

    Here’s the first one!

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  • NotLessOrEqual

    What an honor!

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  • NotLessOrEqual

    New artwork from me, critiques pls :)

    (click for high-res)

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