• SilverPlays97

    In may 2012, I joined the Sonic News Network mainly to promote my youtube channel. Here is what my user page looked like:

    Hello everyone in the world of Wikia!

    I am SilverPlays97!

    My YouTube page:

    New here so i don't know what i'm going to do. Maybe some technical editing, who knows!

    Anyway, here are my top 5 Sonic the Hedgehog characters!

    Little did I know that I would make dozens of Voice Actor pages, fall in love with the Worlds Collide story ark, be obsessed with sprite comics, and try hard to obtain any user right. Along the way, I would meet some amazing people, spend hours in the chat room, and read and comment on hundreds of blog posts. I also meet some interesting people/characters that still perplex me to this day.

    Then high school came…

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  • КайСмит

    Note,that's not the official list of episodes,just my ideas.

    Eggman creates an army of ninja robots that start terrorizing the village.Sonic and his friends must learn secret martial arts with the help of sensei Tadashi Lizuka to defeat them.

    Tails makes his own videogame,but due to lack of employees has to rush its development causing a digital atrocity...

    When the mayor makes Sonic leave for the mainland to stop another criminal mastermind,Ultra Squid,Eggman decides ro play again.

    When a newcomer villager opens his own prestigious restaraunt,"Delicious Planet",Meh-Burger's manager commands Dave to take it down or he goes to jail...

    Sticks decides it's time to finally discover the truth about her family:where did Jebediah go after the loss of …

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  • PinkSquid5

    To-Do List

    August 12, 2018 by PinkSquid5
    • I will try to fix any grammar mistakes consisting of misspelled words, inconsistent punctuation, incorrect captialization, and any misplaced sentences.
    • In the case of this Wikia in particlar, I plan to provide scanned photos of various Sonic the Hedgehog™️ merchandise.
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  • Bob Jindra
    • Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive; 1991)
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear; 1992)
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive; 1992)
    • Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball (Mega Drive; 1993)
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Mega Drive; 1994)
    • Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio (Genesis; 1994)
    • Tails and the Music Maker (Pico; 1994)
    • Sonic & Knuckles (Mega Drive; 1994)
    • Sonic 3D Blast (Mega Drive; 1996)
    • Sonic's Schoolhouse (PC; 1998)
    • Sonic Advance (GBA; 2001)
    • Sonic Advance 2 (GBA; 2002)
    • Sonic Battle (GBA; 2003)
    • Sonic Heroes (GCN; 2003)
    • Shadow the Hedgehog (GCN; 2005)
    • Sonic Rush (DS; 2005)
    • Sonic the Hedgehog (PS3; 2006)
    • Sonic and the Secret Rings (Wii; 2007)
    • Sonic Rivals 2 (PSP; 2007)
    • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii; 2008)
    • Sonic Unleashed (PS3; 2008)
    • Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (PS3, Wii; 2010)
    • Sonic the Hedg…
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  • Mystic Monkey

    Project HotD

    July 21, 2018 by Mystic Monkey

    This blog has nothing to do with Sonic, but it is Sega related. It's about The House of The Dead and I made this blog here because I do not know where else to bring it up.

    I want to make a remake of The House of The Dead. I've started working on the alpha on Unity. At the moment it's just a FPSController exploring a roughly made exterior of Curien Mansion.

    Instead of an on-rail shooter, I want this game to be a first person shooter game where you can freely explore Curien Mansion, find documents to develop story all the while save scientists from zombies. In a sense, a Left 4 Dead like game where you can play as a single player, or with a partner.

    I would like the finished project to look a lot like Deadly Route. Just as familiar and foreboding as…

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  • NotLessOrEqual

    On July 19th, Archie Comics Publishing, the Publisher of the Guinness World Record holder for the longest comic-book series based on a video game 'Sonic the Hedgehog' announced the cancellation of the series after more than 20 years and 290 issues due to a combination of licensing, lawsuit and financial reasons. 

    Please take a moment to visit this page, pay your respects and remember, thank you for your time. 

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  • SpyroGuy

    Booyah! It is I, the mighty SpyroGuy, existing in this particular piece of virtual space to inform you of nothing amazingly noteworthy. This post exists for the sole reason of eliminating one of the kinda annoying badge offerings that I'm kinda forced to stare at whenever I'm checking my personal profile and since I suppose that the aforementioned intention is now accomplished, I shall bring an end to my typing process right here, but not before putting a very well defined dot to the end of this very sentence.

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  • Migrannoche09

    The game is Sonic the Hedgehog (2019).

    • The first time Shadow the Hedgehog is blue.
    • The first time Dr. Eggman is playable since the first game Sonic the Hedgehog (1991).
    • The first time Vanilla the Rabbit is playable.
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  • Toolmak8


    July 13, 2018 by Toolmak8

    All those metal morons have been a disappointment since day one!

    Not us you idiot!

    You nincombot!

    Yes, you dumbbots!

    Well, if it isn't the Bungling Brothers' Burnout and Bailing Circus!

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  • RussianOlympian101

    They release sonic forces. It was good but not to the point of a good sonic 3D game. So when will they make a good Sonic 3D game?

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  • LouisEugenioJR

    Hey everyone.  I want to share my thoughts on Team Sonic Racing.

    Right off the bat, it definitely looks like it's going to be a promising racer.  The ability to have 3 characters racing as a team makes it unique for a genre dominated by solo game play.  The roster looks promising as well; I honestly didn't see Chao being playable.  I definitely look forward to seeing more info about Team Sonic Racing being announced and I definitely look forward to playing it this holiday season.

    That's it for this blog.  Keep it locked for more.

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  • WaterKirby1994

    Ok this has been a question, I'm curious how the fans here all view Nintendo? I know that Sonic was created for the sole purpose of competing with Nintendo back in the day. Sonic Games are what sold the Genesis so that it could compete against the SNES. The entry of Sony & Microsoft to the Console Wars combined with the flop of the Sega Saturn in the States, it's understandable why Sega left the console market right?

    The Partnership of Sega & Nintendo resulted in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle being a best seller on the Gamecube. Games were produced like Mega Collection & Gems Collection to increase Sonic's fanbase & give the new fans means to enjoy Sonic's past. Tons of good came out of Sega partnering with Nintendo right? There's some belief th…

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  • Chorus Kids


    June 28, 2018 by Chorus Kids

    A type of template from the BFDI wiki is coming here!

    One is coming very soon, and you can make your own!

    Here’s the first one!

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  • NotLessOrEqual

    What an honor!

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  • NotLessOrEqual

    New artwork from me, critiques pls :)

    (click for high-res)

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  • JamesTechno998

    If you haven't seen the project yet, here's the link from GameJolt;

    From the time that I'm writing this down, I haven't fixed the movement issue from the last build. To be honest, I haven't have any problems at all. It's probably because how I pressed the buttons in a 4-Directional RPG. My apologies if this is really inconvenient to you all. 

    I'll try my best to program the combat mechanics in the next entry (or so). For now, here's an angry Sonata :P

    "Hey guys, long time no see! What did I miss? Sonic and the Steel of Darkness has undergone really well. For those who haven't know yet, there's now a playable demo of the first build. It's been so long that this project has been go on. I think it…

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  • Mystic Monkey

    I decided to make this blog explaining my creation theory of Sonic's world and the mobian race. That way I'll have something to copy-paste if it's ever brought up.

    Their are many theories to the birth of our own universe. Many scientists believe in the Big Bang theory so let's go with that. After the Big Bang the debris and raw materials starting crashing about to form galaxies, stars, planets and systems. Or maybe you have your own beliefs in the origin of the universe or the like. Eitherway it was around the creation of the planet Earth, (Pressumably around the Hadean era) where something happened by chance. This chance was whenever or not Earth to serve as the womb for an eldritch horror or not. The outcome resulted into two parallel tim…

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  • AirCommander Falco

    Hello Everyone. I want to ask your opinions on Sonic Team Racing. I know it isn't released yet, and a small teaser trailer has only just been released. So what are your opinions? I read up about it and there's a rumour that all the other SEGA characters are going to be taken out, although I'm not too sure if it's true or not. Also, there's rumoured to be 15 characters only, although someone said they could add to this over time.

    • Do you think forgotten characters be added to this? I highly doubt forgotten characters will be added (sadly) but maybe Mania (and Mania Plus) is the start of bringing forgotten characters back. Quite a few characters were in Sonic Drift 2 who haven't been really been seen since.
    • Do you think new characters will be ad…
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  • LouisEugenioJR

    Hey people.  I want to share my thoughts on Sonic Mania Adventures.

    The animation style looks very high quality and detailed, the colors look vibrant, and the pacing is quick (just like the Blue Blur himself).  It may be silent, but this animation doesn't need dialogue to be worth watching.  The first two episodes were published on YouTube in the last two months, and I was totally digging it.  I knew from the beginning that Sonic Mania Adventures would be a wild ride.

    That's it for now.

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  • Rikiebrov


    May 18, 2018 by Rikiebrov

    hi man

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  • Sonamyfan666

    The big reboot of the Sonic's world after the Worlds Unite crossover, the single biggest event in Archie Sonic. This event caused the complete destruction of the Archie Multiverse wiping out huge chunks of beloved characters from the likes of Scourge, Mina, Shard, and many more. This was the first big blow to the Archie series, many fans over the course of the series fell in love with these characters, with them gone for good never to be seen again.

    Then you have the complete end of all the long ongoing storylines, involving how the population thinks of Nicole, Antoine's coma and Bunnies' limbs being turned back to flesh by Ixis', Mighty and his sister Matilda. Then their is the implication that Sonic Underground and Sonic X as well as any …

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  • WaterKirby1994

    Ok these days we know that both Sega & Sonic Team have made tons of mistakes over the years. We're all aware of how mistakes related to the Saturn's western release led to Sega ultimately dropping out of the console wars. History ended up repeating Saturn with WiiU, both systems were released too soon & were overshadowed by their predecessors. Fortunately plenty of good came from Sega releasing it's games onto other systems rather than competing with them.

    Now for the mistakes that would harm the Sonic Series itself, the mistakes Sonic Team made that had a lasting effect on the series. Sonic 06 being rushed to be a launch title & having half of Sonic Team work on another game instead. Then if that wasn't bad enough, they blamed the Adventur…

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  • Hushking

    Light the hedgehog

    May 4, 2018 by Hushking
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  • WaterKirby1994

    Ok we all know Sonic X has been over for more than a decade, although it did explain the Sonic Adventure games taking place on Earth which was good. There were however problems that originated in the Japanese version, which led to the series not being able to be as good as it could have been, this blog hopes to address them. We are all aware that the series had been Americanized from the start which may have led to it not being popular enough in Japan. Season 2 made the mistake of rushing the series to a conclusion.

    By Americanization you can tell rather easily that most of the setting takes place in the United States just by looking at the humans in the series. Japanese kids could tell just from the scenes where Chris is at school, that it…

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  • Knuckles The weirdo

    Nothing here

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  • Knuckles The weirdo

    Im bored 

    So I ask 4 de wae 

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  • LouisEugenioJR

    Sonic Mania Plus

    April 27, 2018 by LouisEugenioJR

    Hey everyone.  I want to share my first impression thoughts on Sonic Mania PLUS.  Right off the bat, it looks like it's going to be a long-awaited upgrade to Sonic Mania.  The additions of Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel are sure not to disappoint players, a four-player Competition mode is sure to dial up multiplayer action up to 11, and the Encore mode is sure to give players a run for their money.

    That's all for now.  Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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  • NotLessOrEqual

    Toei Shadow

    April 18, 2018 by NotLessOrEqual

    Finished coloring render by me of TrippleJaz's Toei Shadow, any critiques?

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  • Sonamyfan666

    Just as a forward this list is based on 2 factors how strong is the character and how useful their moves are. Don't be surprised if a character that you thought was weak appears high on this list or if a character you though was strong is below a character you thought was weaker.

    10:Rouge the Bat: Just barely slinking in at the bottom is Rouge, while no the weakest character in the series her moves are either the same as Knuckles or Tails, or really week moves that have very minor uses.

    9:Cream & Cheese: Next up is Cream and Cheese, though they lack the larger move pools the other characters have the moves they do have are very simple, there is very few situation in which it their moves are bad.

    8:E123-Omega: Omega is next on the list, with h…

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

    It was actually a great year. Truly. I remember anxiously counting down the last days of that monstrosity 2016. The new year would bring us a new home, a new adventure, and an escape from a place we loathed. This past week I’ve been in awe that this year is now over. I haven’t been counting down days, I haven’t felt rushed to get through the days with the hope of something better. We did so much last year. Not just the business of everyday life but things we actually wanted to do. I went to Walt Disney World with my classmates, we traveled, we tried new things, we let go of things that took up space & time in our lives. We made new friends and celebrated life with our existing friends. It wasn’t all great things for us this year though. My…

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  • Trumping mania

    Well. Easter is tomorrrow on the frontdoor.   Its means chocolate eggs and cookies. And a breakfast with your family  well my little brother and. My farther and myself .giong taking a awesome  easter and .a little vacation  such a good idea. To doing some relaxing at the beach in florida .and even  i giong visit the space museum and more milestones in florida  even i can not wait for the county fair and the airshow and demoliton derby  welll have a nice easter and a good spring break!!!!

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  • Parkour2906

    Sonic 1 Cheat Codes

    March 30, 2018 by Parkour2906

    I should've named this Sonic Cheat Codes and Glitches. Whatever, who cares? I'm pretty sure nobody bothers to write blog posts in this wiki but I'm doing it anyways.

    • Level Select - At the title screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right. You should hear a noise like a ring being collected. Then, hold A and press Start for a level select!
    • Drunk Sonic - During the demo, hold C. Sonic will crash into walls and get hit by enemies.
    • Config Mode - There is a code called control mode, which is required before activating this code. 

      To activate control mode, press UP, C, DOWN, C, LEFT, C, RIGHT, C at the title screen, but before pressing start to begin the game, press and hold A as you hit start. Now, rather than just being in control mode, you can enable confi…

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  • Sonamyfan666

    Before I begin the rules more characters,missions,collectibles helps it out so in short larger games are better and the system must have more then one game ports aren't being counted but remakes are. Also no side games that differ radically from the main series CD Chaotix and Story Book series are counted as viable. This list isn't a favorites list just a list of games that you should get if you can only get one.

    • Master System:Sonic Chaos
    • Geneis:Sonic 3 and Knuckles
    • Game Gear: Tails Adventure
    • Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure
    • Gamecube:Sonic Adventure DX
    • Xbox:Shadow the Hedgehog
    • PS2: Sonic Unleashed
    • GBA:Sonic Advance 3
    • Wii: Sonic and the Black Knight
    • Xbox360: Sonic Unleashed
    • PS3: Sonic Unleashed
    • DS: Sonic Rush Adventure
    • PSP: Sonic Rival 2
    • IOS: Sonic Dash
    • Android…
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  • LouisEugenioJR


    March 24, 2018 by LouisEugenioJR

    Hey everyone.  I want to share an update.  When I watched the Sonic SXSW stream about a week ago, I was getting pretty hyped for the upcoming releases of Sonic Mania Plus and the new racing game.  I'm eager to find out what it is.

    On top of that, I really look forward to seeing Sonic Mania Adventures on YouTube.  It's going to be interesting.

    That's it for now.  Keep it locked for more updates.

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  • SlavikPlayOnline

    SlavikPlayOnline Channel & Ronic The Hedgehog

    Ronic The Hedgehog is "Invert colors"

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  • Rogue maltron

    since im a student i can not be on fandom 24-7-365 so i have dedicated 20-25 hours a week to fandom and other wikis






    Friday-online-5 hrs

    Saturday-10 hrs

    Sunday-10 sometimes 5 hrs

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  • Veralann
    • Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is going to have Mystic Jungle added
    • Sonic Movie is produced by Fast and Furious producer Neal H. Moritz and directed by the Deadpool movie director (still)
    • IDW comics are still releasing next month, one issue a week.
    • SEGA Shop merch store will have a bundle with all four initial IDW Sonic comic issues, an exclusive variant cover, and a t-shirt. Puma will be releasing Sonic shoes, will be limited edition.
    • Sonic Mania Plus: Physical Release with a foil cover for the box, a genesis/mega drive style box cover, 2P mode will be made 4P mode, Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel will be added to characters, "Encore Mode" will be added. Will cost $29.99 as a physical copy, game upgrades will be available as paid…
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  • WaterKirby1994

    Ok there are a lot of Vocal Songs in the Sonic Series, we really need to get someone to count just how many there are now! This was originally going to be a top 25, then I decided to make it a top 30 because of how many songs the Sonic Series has that are good, then thought may as well make it a top 40 in honor of Crush 40.

    Honorable Mentions include "Sonic Underground Theme", "Found My Home" Sonic Underground, "Lazy Days Livin In Paradise", "Space Trip Steps", "A Ghost Pumpkin's Soup", "Super Sonic Racing", "Diamond In The Sky", "Fighting Onward", "I AM All of Me", & "Moonlight Battlefield"

    40)"The SuperNatural", 39)"My Destiny", 38)"Endless Possibility", 37)"Team Chaotix", 36)"This Machine", 35)"EGGMAN", 34)"Fly in the Freedom", 33)"Is it …

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  • Goodwoodfan97

    My first blog

    March 12, 2018 by Goodwoodfan97

    Hello snn i AM user goodwoodfan97 i like Sonic the hedgehog and american history and science and biology and reading Books and visit museums and comics and watch some netflix and Movies on my tablet and playing video games on my PS4  and my favorite game is Sonic forces and my favorite movie is Pearl Harbor and i like to diong my best on Snn 

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  • NotLessOrEqual

    Although I didn't think it was possible, I actually manage to turn a gif. into the background of the DeviantArt ID widget, I don't think anyone has ever done it before, this is a breakthrough!

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  • Foxlover30


    March 5, 2018 by Foxlover30

    hi guys i'm alive and glad to be in the sonic fandom 

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  • Fan Holder

    In need of answers.

    March 4, 2018 by Fan Holder

    Okay so I not sure way but I just recently remember this Sonic game.

    I don't remember what it was called but it is a spin-off with a all female cast featuring Amy Rose, Cream, and Rouge. I think it had cards or something like that. Also I do believe I Saw it on this wikia when I was much younger. So for those who know the name please put it the comments, also if you find it on this wikia please send me the link. Thank you.

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  • Unknown Follower

    Gwain Saga

    February 27, 2018 by Unknown Follower

    Okay, a few days ago, my brother told me about a web series he's been watching called "Gwain Saga" So i decided to check it out and found it very interesting. The reason it is relevant to us (and other commumnties) is because of the things i found. Familiar things such as:

    - Music and Mixes

    - Sound Effects and Voice Clips

    - Elements and Concepts

    - A lot of pop culture references and easter eggs( including 1 cameo Mysitc would enjoy).

    Here's the first episode and be sure to recognize the things i mentioned:

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  • Konnichiku

    Mobius Redrawn!

    February 25, 2018 by Konnichiku

    Hi, all! It's me, Konnichiku! Anyway, I'm making my own Sonic headcanon over on the fanon wiki entitled Mobius Redrawn. I've actually been doing this for 3 years now. It's based on all my ideas old and new, so there're DiC and Archie characters as well as ones I completely made up. Some concepts might not sit well with some of you, such as Shadow being evil, but it's what appeals to me that matters the most. I plan to adapt all the Sonic games into movie-length episodes called "arcs." Yes, even the cancelled games. I gathered some voice actors on CastingCallClub to play the core characters but I still need some more, and animators! THAT'S RIGHT, ANIMATORS! Sadly, it's free. I can't pay as I'm only fifteen and I don't get an allowance. And …

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    See part 1 on the Steam Wiki if you haven't!

    Steam Dimensions is inspired by Lego Dimensions.

    After clearing "Green Hill Zone act 1" (and the bonus area, of course) Sonic and Tails got the first Chaos Emerald. But then, "Green Hill Zone act 2" was over-filled with Badniks.

    Sonic: This doesn't look too bad, right Tails...? Tails?

    Only to notice that Tails is getting sucked up by a rift! Along with the Chaos Emerald!

    Tails: SONIC!!!

    Sonic immediately went straight to the rift, at the speed of sound.

    Dr. Eggman: Aww... I had it prepared!

    Continued at Undertale AU Wiki.

    Episode 1 - The Foundation Altar

    Episode 2 - Chaos Emerald Snatched!

    Episode 3 - The Spaghetti Festival

    Episode 4 - Inkwell Dance-Off!

    Episode 5 - The Portal

    Episode 6 - Prop Mayhem!

    Episode …

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  • WaterKirby1994

    I'm hoping that after Mania, Whitehead's Team creates their own 2nd Trilogy of games which could lead into an alternate Dreamcast Era by 2023. Maybe this timeline could have Eggman awaken Shadow before his plan relating to Chaos, as well as other huge differences? Perhaps Cream will play a role against Chaos? Such as having Chaos not attack her for an emerald because she reminds him of Tikal with her close friendship with Cheese. Maybe Emerl could survive in this timeline & have some role in the struggle against the Black Arms?

    Do you guys have any hopes for the Classic Timeline?

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  • LouisEugenioJR

    Hey peeps.  I'm sure you'll all heard about Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers through The Sonic Stadium in recent weeks, and that a Kickstarter was going on.  So, I figured I'd share my first impressions on it.

    Right off the bat, it does like a pretty interesting board game, and the fact that it can't be the same game twice, it somewhat reminds me of the old Parker Brothers board game Bonkers.  For 2-5 players, it does look as though it'll provide hours of fun.  I might look into getting myself a copy at some point in the future.

    There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  Feel free to drop a comment below.

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  • Ilovejamaa74

    Since I can't upload fan art on the forums...

    Don't question it's beauty.

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  • LouisEugenioJR

    Hey everyone.  I wanted to share my thoughts on Sonic Forces: Speed Battle for mobile devices.

    Right off the bat, this is definitely a fun runner.  Not as fun as Sonic Dash, but fun nevertheless.  However, the only gripe I do have about it is there's no artificial intelligence meaning you have to race against human players.  The power-ups do give a feel you'd get from kart racers like Sonic Drift.  The chests offer a random assortment of awards ranging from rings to Red Star Rings to character cards.

    Overall, I'd say Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is all right.  It's not the best mobile app on the market, but it is pretty enjoyable.

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  • IndogamersPro

    I have found two videogame music from the late 80s that sounds similar to one of Sonic the Hedgehog series ingame soundtrack. Both of them were computer games. Not PC games but home computer games which often uncompatible with IBM PCs.

    The NewZealand Story (ニュージーランドストーリー Nyū Jīrando Sutōrī) is a 1988 arcade game developed and published by Taito. The player controls Tiki (ティキ), a kiwi who must save his lover Phee Phee (ピューピュー) and several of his other kiwi chick friends who have been kidnapped by a large blue leopard seal. The player has to navigate a scrolling maze-like level, at the end of which they release one of Tiki's kiwi chick friends trapped in a cage.

    After the release of the original arcade game in 1988, the game was converted to m…

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