Blue Blocks (青いブロック Aoi Burokku?) are objects that appear in the Wii version of Sonic Colors. They are blue cubes that can be affected by the Blue Cube.


The Blue Blocks resemble transparent blue cubes with rounded edges and corners. They also have a blue Ring within each of them.


Blue Cubes Platforms

Sonic using the Blue Blocks as platforms.

The Blue Blocks can be found in the various Acts where Blue Wisps are present. They are completely indestructible and mostly serve as platforms for the player to walk on.

When using the Blue Cube nearby Blue Blocks, the player can turn any Blue Block on the screen into a Blue Ring. This is the only method of removing the Blue Blocks. Once the Blue Cube's Wisp Gauge runs out, however, the Blue Blocks will revert back to their original form.


  • The Blue Blocks are the only objects that cannot be destroyed by Super Sonic.

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