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Blue Falcon
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The G.U.N. mobile, armed with an area-of-effect particle cannon and six circumferential homing rocket launchers.

Blue Falcon is one of the G.U.N 's mobiles and it appears as boss at The ARK stage in Shadow the Hedgehog. Blue Falcon is a large hovering machine, that is in the same model series as Heavy Dog. It is used by a G.U.N. soldier in an attempt to stop Shadow and Black Doom's Eye from reaching the Eclipse Cannon aboard the Space Colony ARK. The guide for this boss is Doom's Eye.

It wields an area-of-effect particle beam cannon and several rocket launchers on its side, which can be broken off and used against it.


This G.U.N mobile battle is similar to Heavy Dog's one. The player can switch between two platforms: one upper and the other lower. To dodge Blue Falcon's Particle Beam Cannon, the player must move opposite the platform he/she was originally standing when the charge is completed. If Shadow is on the lower platform the canon is not fired until he goes to upper platform or changes his height. When underneath the Falcon, it will continuously drop bombs onto the lower platform, so the player must keep moving. To defeat it, Shadow must use homing attacks which not only damage it but also break its rocket launchers down so he can use them against G.U.N mobile. Using Chaos Blast gives the player a chance of getting an A rank.


Shadow the hedgehog "Blue Falcon" Music Request02:44

Shadow the hedgehog "Blue Falcon" Music Request


  • It is possible that its name is a reference to Nintendo's F-Zero series, where the main character, Captain Falcon, races in a machine known as the Blue Falcon. The same thing can be said for Black Bull, which is also the name of the machine the main antagonist of the F-Zero series races. As SEGA helped develop F-Zero GX, this is not entirely unlikely.
  • The music that plays during this boss fight is a remix of GUN Mobile, which plays in Sonic Adventure 2 during the boss fight with F-61 Bigfoot, B-3x Hot Shot and R-1/A Flying Dog.
  • It also appears as card in Sonic Rivals 2.


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