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You may be looking for the Blue Ring (World Ring).

Blue Rings (青いリング Aoiringu?) are objects that appear the Wii version of Sonic Colors. They are collectible objects that can affected by the Blue Cube.


The Blue Rings are transparent, blue Rings with an equally transparent blue cube inside their center. They are about two meters in height and are always rotating.


The Blue Rings can be found in the various Acts where Blue Wisps are present. They can be collected by the player by touching them, causing them to vanish. For each Blue Ring collected, the player gains 3,000 points.

When using the Blue Cube nearby Blue Rings, the player can turn any Blue Ring on the screen into Blue Blocks to form platforms across gaps. Once the Blue Cube's Wisp Gauge runs out, however, the Blue Rings will revert back to their original form.


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